An example of some of the birds that are going to be disrupted due to climate change and urbanization

December 5, 2014

Environmental Poster Session

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This past Thursday evening, I participated in the Multidisciplinary Environmental Poster Session in the Farinon College Center. There were a few dozen groups who all had their environmental project posters set up in Farinon. My partner and I did our poster on Bird Biodiversity Loss Due to Climate Change and Urbanization. We investigated how effects […]

Down on the field preparing for half time at Yankee Stadium for the 150th Laf-Lehigh game.

November 27, 2014


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This past Saturday was the biggest game of Lafayette’s history, the 150th game of college football’s biggest rivalry. For this historic game, Lafayette rented out Yankee Stadium (casual). The game sold out quite quickly (30,000 tickets were sold in the first eight hours). I had the privilege of playing with the pep band at the […]

Overlooking the Kickoff Reception for the 150th Laf-Lehigh football game at the Marquis Marriott in Times Square

November 21, 2014

Kickoff Reception for Laf-Lehigh

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Yesterday, I went with a few other members of the pep band to New York City for the kickoff reception that was being held at the Marquis Marriott in Times Square. It was an all-afternoon affair that extended long into the evening. We left Lafayette at 1:00 and headed over to New York City where […]

Alexa Gatti

November 18, 2014

Life at High Altitude: La Paz & Lake Titicaca

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Bolivia! The final country on this semester-long adventure. We landed in La Paz on November 4th at 3:00 AM, after connecting flights in Madrid, Spain and Bogota, Colombia. After making our way through customs, our country coordinators greeted us with coca leaves to help us cope with the altitude – 11,913 feet above sea level. I […]

Part of the Night of Dance poster

November 13, 2014

Night of Dance

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This past Saturday, after months and months of planning, the Hillel program that I was in charge of planning, the Night of Dance, actually happened. The Hillel programming team and I worked very hard on this and overall it was a very successful event. Despite attendance being lower than expected, the people who were there […]

Part of the event poster

November 6, 2014

Politics of Water Talk

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Today, environmental studies professor Jessica Hejny gave a talk on the political and cultural issues surrounding bottled water. I am a member of Take Back the Tap, which is a student group whose goal is to reduce bottled water consumption on campus. I talked with Professor Hejny because I am in her Intro to the […]


November 3, 2014

Our Beloved Community

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This year I am super excited to work as an intern for the admissions office. One of the projects we work on is Our Beloved Community (OBC), an annual event where prospective students come to campus and discuss issues of diversity and inclusion. This year Our Beloved Community will be happening on Saturday, November 15th. […]


November 3, 2014

Registration and Course Planning

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As the fall semester comes to an end, it is time to start preparing and registering for next semester’s courses. Given that Lafayette is a liberal arts college, students are free to take classes in all departments. In my opinion, this makes us well rounded scholars. The majority of students here are double majoring and […]

The logo for the 150th Lafayette-Lehigh football game

November 1, 2014

Pep Band for Laf-Lehigh 2014

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Now that we’re getting even closer to the 150th Laf-Lehigh game, pep band has started to practice for the game more. We’re performing during halftime during the game and so we’ve been practicing a lot, trying to get our act together so that there appears to be some semblance of control during the halftime show. […]


October 31, 2014

Exams, Exams, and more Exams

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Wow, we’re almost in the month of November! One month and a half left until the end of my first semester as a sophomore! Time flies. As I began to plan the rest of this semester I realized that I have an exam every week until the final exam period. At first I was a […]