August 24, 2014

A Whole New World!

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After one 16-hour flight, a missing contact lens, and a whole lot of turbulence, we finally arrived in the mother land! Once we finally arrived in Chengdu, China, I couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of accomplishment. That had to be the longest flight ever, considering I had to spend 13 of the 16 […]

Beautiful, Wonderful, Excellent Philadelphia!

August 21, 2014

First, However, in Conclusion

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Last week marked the end of another hectic summer teaching for the Breakthrough Collaborative. Less than two days afterward, I was making the familiar trek up along the Delaware River toward Lafayette to help out with Orientation Week and to begin my final year of college. As you can imagine, I haven’t had much time […]


August 21, 2014

Summer Weather at Lafayette College

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  The weather of the Lehigh Valley is gorgeous during the summer, particularly in the geographical vicinity of Lafayette College. Included are the loud but entertaining thunderstorms, the radiant sunshine of the day, and the warm evenings where outside is the only place to be. Pictured above is a rainbow I saw while driving through […]


August 21, 2014

African Dance Festival

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Vanissa and I went to an African dance festival a few days before we left New Jersey. The African festival was in Brooklyn, New York. I was so excited for the whole day. The festival reminded me of a dance performance I had watched at Lafayette. The dancing talents of the African performers impressed me. When […]


July 27, 2014

Flight Simulator: Aviation Club’s latest project

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During the academic year, I serve as the marketing and club liaison for the Lafayette College Aviation Club. A fellow rising sophomore, Barker Carlock, a chemical engineer from Texas, founded the club with another fellow rising sophomore, Greg, an electrical computer engineer from Great Britain. Both have their private pilot’s licenses and their passions led […]

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July 25, 2014

A July Afternoon

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Normally (school time=2/3 of the year), I’m a hard-working person. However, during the break, all my energy is gone. The two things I enjoy the most are drinking tea with friends and baking. Lying in the couch for several hours, I feel like I’m becoming one part of the couch.   If I didn’t hear […]


July 21, 2014

A Summer Evening at Lafayette

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One of the greatest things about the summers at Lafayette is the nice weather to take advantage of on campus. Lafayette kids love to be outside whether on the main quad in front of Skillman library, on a walk to some off-campus activities, or indulging in some wiffleball as pictured below.     The limits […]

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July 18, 2014

5 Unconfirmed Facts About D.C.: A Convo Edition

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My DC backpacking trip a month ago had me engage in crazy cool meetings with friends, both old and new, in a way that a tour could hardly supply.


July 13, 2014

Markle Hall: The Gates to Lafayette

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My headquarters for the summer at Lafayette, Markle Hall, may be one of the most important buildings on campus if in fact you want to be a student on campus. Markle houses the president’s office, the registrar (class scheduling), and specifically, for my purposes as well as for every student currently at Lafayette or hoping […]


July 13, 2014

AppNexus Blog is Live!

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Each intern at AppNexus was asked to write a blog post for the company’s blog. Last week was my turn! As I have continually articulated in previous posts, the summer in NYC has been great. But it is time that I share some more of the detail about what I do during my work week! […]