July 2, 2015

With you, Rugby

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  “WHO WANTS FIRST HIT?” Tati our 8-man yells as we await for the kick-off from the opposing team. Then the other 14 of us on the field all scream in unison, “WE DO!” The fly-half for the other team kicks the rugby ball and with that our rugby game has started. For the next […]

Me practicing Yoga with my friend Molly outside of my dorm on Monroe Street

June 30, 2015

My Summer at Lafayette

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Hey everyone! My name is Ryan and I’m a rising junior here at Lafayette. For the second summer in a row, I’m working here at Lafayette doing Organic Chemistry research in Dr. Miles’ lab! If I told my high school self that I would opt to spend my summers here doing Organic Chemistry research, I […]

Not Pictured: A great book and iced tea

June 24, 2015

Summer in Easton

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Hi! As a brief intro, my name is Sadie and I’m a rising junior. While many of my friends are spending their summers donning suits for internships or traveling the world, I decided to spend this summer at beautiful Camp Laf. Spending the summer on campus has given me the opportunity to get to know […]


June 23, 2015

Guess who’s back, back again: Camp Laf 2015

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Hey folks, I’m back! Yes, at long last the infamous Robert Sanchez has returned to the Voices fold for more tall tales and humorous asides. More importantly, however, I am now doing it all from the air-conditioned office of the Lafayette College Ambassador Program (otherwise known as the Leopard’s Lair). That’s right: I’m chillin’ with […]


June 20, 2015

Overseas, Underfunded: 12 Things You’ll Learn While Studying Abroad in Europe

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Buzzfeed, watch your back…   #1 Elevator “Door Close” buttons actually work   You heard right, that button inside  the elevator actually closes the door! It’s revolutionary! This feature alone has left European sitcom writers short of material for years. Now you can nonchalantly block those frantic luggage-loaded people sprinting toward the lift hollering, “HOLD […]


June 20, 2015

Overseas, Underfunded: Germany, A History Pt. 2

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Weimar Republic, the Third Reich, and Germany, Divided Again The struggle for power continued, with radical-left Communists seizing power in Bavaria. The Treaty of Versailles (1919) placed a majority of the blame and economic burden of the First World War on Germany. This spawned a period of hyperinflation and crippling economic burden. 1924 ushered in […]

The field hockey team poses for a team photo on an artificial turf field in Spain

June 17, 2015

Field Hockey in Spain: Moments We Will Never Forget

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By Katelyn Arnold ’17 Well, our sticks are officially packed away, our turf shoes tied up and wrapped in multiple bags to keep their smell from plaguing the rest of our luggage, and it’s time to hope my goalie bag, stuffed to the brim with balls, penalty corner masks, and excess clothing, will weigh less […]

The field hockey team on the beach in Valencia, Spain

June 16, 2015

Field Hockey in Spain: A Tour of Valencia

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By Amanda Magadan ’17 On our second day in Valencia, we explored the beautiful town of old Valencia. During the sunny day, the group took a walking tour led by a native, who shared cultural stories and showed us magnificent historical places including Torres de Serranos, Puente de Serranos, El Catedral, and el Pl. del Mercado. […]

The field hockey team with special needs adults in Spain

June 12, 2015

Field Hockey in Spain: A Win in Our First Game

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By Rosie Shanks ’18 For our second day in Barcelona, we headed into the city center to coach a clinic for some of the special needs adults in Barcelona. The clinic was an amazing experience; we had so much fun interacting with these wonderful people. We ended the clinic by playing an indoor game with some […]

The field hockey team on its first day in Spain.

June 11, 2015

Field Hockey in Spain: Straight to the Beach

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By Cody Hunsicker ’18 We arrived in Barcelona after having a short layover in Madrid. We headed straight for the beach, Playa de Castelldelfels, where we ate lunch on the sand at a restaurant called Tibu-Ron. We got our feet wet in the Mediterranean Sea before loading back on the bus and moving into our […]