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Rebeka Ramangamihanta with a lemur on her shoulder as others look on

Rebeka Ramangamihanta ’16 is the first Lafayette student ever from Antananarivo, Madagascar. She is studying abroad this semester in Dakar, Senegal. She is majoring in international affairs (with emphases in economic and women’s development) and economics. On campus, she is member of various religious groups. She is also the president and founder of Friends of LIME (Lafayette Initiative for Malagasy Education) Club. She sings alto with the Concert Choir and is a member of International Students Association. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her friends and talking about life, the future, world politics, and the weather (mostly how cold it gets in Easton). She says that she also likes to walk around Lafayette’s beautiful campus, the College Hill neighborhood, and the Karl Stirner Arts Trail. After graduation, Rebeka wants to gain a year or two of professional experiences in Madagascar before coming back to the United States for her master’s degree. In the long run, she wants to create an NGO working on education and women’s empowerment in Madagascar.

Rebeka’s first blog entry will be posted soon.

Matt LeBow

Matt LeBow ’16 is a government and law major from Millburn, N.J. He is a McKelvy House Scholar, founder and president of Current Events Club, a DJ at WJRH, and a writer for the Non Cur humor publication. He interns at Grovo, a start-up firm in New York City that teaches Internet and professional skills through videos. He enjoys listening to old records, playing tennis, reading, “picking up on the little sparks of curiosity that make life so meaningful, wandering around NYC and getting lost in my thoughts, perusing book stores for hours on end.” After graduation, he would like to continue working at Grovo, travel the world, and learn Hungarian.

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Alexander Gordon-Sandweiss in Israel

Alexander Gordon-Sandweiss ’17 hails from Shoreline, Wash., and plans to major in environmental science with a minor in anthropology and sociology. He plays the clarinet in the Concert Band and Pep Band and serves as an America Reads tutor, programming vice president for Hillel Society, and media coordinator for Take Back the Tap, an initiative to eliminate bottled water consumption at Lafayette. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, baking, biking, and hiking. After graduating, he plans to attend graduate school for a degree in an environmental discipline.

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Alexa Gatti

Alexa Gatti ’16 is a double major in environmental studies and government & law from Whippany, a small town in northern New Jersey. This semester she is studying in San Francisco, Vietnam, Morocco, and Bolivia through SIT Study Abroad. At Lafayette she is involved in the Outdoors Society and Lafayette Environmental Awareness & Protection. She works as an affiliate for the programs in environmental science and environmental studies and volunteers for the West Ward Neighborhood Partnership. This past summer she worked as an EXCEL Scholar for the Vegetables in the Community initiative and she plans to continue when she returns to campus and throughout next summer. In her free time, she enjoys running, hiking, yoga, and frequenting farmers’ markets. After graduating, she hopes to work as a community organizer for a nonprofit to promote food justice.

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Erika Hernandez wearing a dress and standing on grass

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Erika Hernandez ’17 is majoring in biology with a minor in health care and society. She meets with fellow students from the Summer Program to Advance Leadership in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and is part of Science Horizons, a Biology Department program that provides students training, mentoring, and experience in interdisciplinary research. She’s also treasurer for the student chapter of MEDLIFE, which improves access to medicine, education, and community development for low-income families. Her group will make trips to South America to help build clinics and educate families. “I love exploring Easton, playing volleyball, and just hanging out with friends,” she says. After graduation, she plans to pursue a graduate degree in public health and hopes to work in hospital administration.

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Project BOMA

These bloggers are participants in a program funded by Lafayette in which pairs of international and American students spend time in each others’ homes, experiencing the other’s family and culture.
Mai NguyenMai Nguyen ’15 is a biochemistry major from Hanoi, Vietnam. She is a member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority, International Students Association, TedxLaf, and conducts research as an EXCEL Scholar. She also tutors students and works at the Kirby government and law library. She enjoys working out, running, reading books, cooking, singing karaoke, going shopping, and decorating. She is applying to Ph.D. programs in pharmacology and wants to spend the next five years of her life in a big city like New York, Philadelphia or Boston.

Project BOMA Archive

Linqing Zhou sitting at a table with a drink in front of her

Linqing “Miranda” Zhou ’17 is a mathematics major from Sichuan, China. She is involved in the Lafayette Association of Visual Artists, Ski Club, and International Students Association. She enjoys watching movies and reading books.

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Vanissa Prempeh ’17 is an international affairs and government & law double major from Somerville, N.J., originally hailing from Kumasi, Ghana. This past school year she served as public relations/events coordinator for Lafayette African and Caribbean Students Association, a student admissions ambassador, a member of Model United Nations and the Association of Black Collegians, and a facility monitor at Kirby Sports Center. She is also an intern with the Admissions Office, where she assisted in planning the major Our Beloved Community and Prologue events. She enjoys discussing and debating world issues, learning languages and culture, fencing, traveling, and volunteering. After graduation, she’d like to pursue a career in the Foreign Service and eventually work for the United Nations or the African Union.

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Paige Triola '14

Paige Triola ’14 is a biology major from Chalfont, Pa. She’s involved in the Outdoors Society, Lafayette Christian Fellowship, Tae Kwon Do Club, Economic Empowerment and Global Learning Project, Public Safety Advisory Committee, and Student Appeals Committee. She’s also a Kirby Library monitor. She enjoys reading, drawing, mixed martial arts, traveling, hiking, and volunteering. After graduating, she’d like to work in a career where she can do field work and might pursue a master’s in biology.

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Michelle Echenique '14 with a white flower

Michelle Echenique ’14 is a chemical engineering major and economics minor from La Paz, Bolivia. She’s a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, Newman Society, Engineers Without Borders, International Students Association, and Society of Women Engineers, as well as a writing associate and a facilitator for the Foreign Languages and Literatures Resource Center. She enjoys dancing, reading, volunteering, hiking, and learning from new cultures. After graduating, she would like to work in the renewable energy field and pursue a master’s degree.

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Rijan Maharjan reading a book

Rijan Maharjan ’14 is a mechanical engineering major from Kathmandu, Nepal. He’s an EXCEL Scholar, academic tutor, writing associate, and member of the International Students Association. He’s also enjoys graphic design, playing guitar, and cooking. After graduating, he’d like to continue his education in graduate school.

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Sarah Walko '15

Sarah Walko ’15 is a civil engineering major from Johnstown, Pa. She is a member of the club volleyball and club tennis teams, Green Building Club, Engineers Without Borders, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, and helps school children through the America Reads program. In her free time, she likes photography, traveling, sketching, astronomy, reading, and hiking. After graduating, she would like to get a job across the Atlantic with a civil engineering firm and possibly develop her interest in architecture.

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Eddie Andujar

A resident of New York City, Eddie Andujar ’15 is an international affairs major with a focus on human rights and social justice in Latin America and the Caribbean. He is a Posse Scholar, was a Grossman Citizen last school year, and served as public relations Officer for Hispanic Society of Lafayette. A Humanity in Action Fellow, he studied human rights, freedom, and equality in Copenhagen, Denmark, in summer 2013. He also attended an international conference in Warsaw, Poland, with speakers including the president of the European Parliament. He likes to write creatively and practice his photography. “In my free time while in New York I like to walk around the city with the intention of getting lost and finding something I’ve never seen before,” he says. After graduating, he would like to work internationally for a non-governmental organization or the State Department.

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George Rakic

Djordje Rakic ’15 is a double major in math and computer science from Belgrade, Serbia. Last year he was vice president of TEDxLaf, a member of the math and computer science clubs, and a resident of the Grossman House for Global Perspectives. This fall he plans to become an analyst for the Investment Club and a resident adviser. Back home he is a member of Petnica Science Center and Open Communication-Serbian Debate Club Union. His free time interests include entrepreneurship, computer science, reading, music, running, and rowing. Besides English, he speaks German and Serbian. After graduating, he would like to work in finance or consulting in New York City or Boston.

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Tatiana Logan ’13 of Santa Barbara, Calif., is a double major in anthropology & sociology and a self-designed major in global communities and the environment, which combines Africana studies, environmental studies, and French. She is a peer mentor, resident adviser, outreach program coordinator for the Landis Community Outreach Center, member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, participant in Lafayette Initiative for Malagasy Education, and Phi Beta Kappa scholar. She loves being outdoors, travelling, learning new “cultural habits,” studying history, and is always up for playing a round of Pictionary or Scattergories. After graduating, she plans to conduct research and continue her education in Senegal, where she studied abroad last fall. Eventually she would like to work in international education.

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Nirav Giri ’13 is a mechanical engineering major from Kathmandu, Nepal. He is a Kaleidoscope peer educator, club president of Minority Scientists and Engineers, chapter president of the Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society, and a head resident adviser. He enjoys watching “random documentaries” and taking bike rides in the Lehigh Valley. He would like to work in the automotive industry before pursuing a master of engineering degree and to travel to a country where he can’t speak the language.

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Helen Hutchens ’15 was born and raised in Lancaster County, Pa., near Millersville. She is pursuing a dual degree in mechanical engineering and international studies while concentrating on German. Over the summer of 2012, she participated in Project BOMA with Jason Sheng. In the spring of 2013, she is studying abroad in Dresden, Germany. Helen is active in the International Students Association, Engineers Without Borders, German Club, Percussion Ensemble, Barge Math Competition, and Quiz Bowl. A lifetime Girl Scout, she enjoys playing piano, stargazing, horseback riding, hiking, and learning foreign languages. Upon graduation, she plans to either attend graduate school or work as an engineer in German-speaking countries.

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Zhe “Jason” Sheng ’15 is a mechanical engineering and music double major from Dalian, China. He is a resident adviser, president of the Asian Cultural Association, vice president of the table tennis club, public relations officer and information coordinator of the International Students Association, library ambassador, and member of Residence Hall Council. He is also involved in American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Landis Community Outreach Center programs, math barge competitions, and the Marquis Players, a student group that produces annual musicals to raise money for charity. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar, singing, sleeping, and cooking. After he graduates from Lafayette, he plans to pursue a master’s degree in engineering and eventually work for a famous automobile company.

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Sam Stuart is blogging about his experiences in China

Sam Stuart ’13 is an anthropology and sociology major from Wichita, Kan. He’s a member of the varsity football team, Lafayette Christian Fellowship, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends, reading, and playing sports. He’s not sure about what career he’d like to pursue, but is trying to qualify for a masters program in sports nutrition and exercise science.

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The descriptions of these former Voices bloggers remain as they were while the students were writing their blogs.

On Campus

Blogger Ha Vu '17 wearing a winter coat

Ha Vu ’17 hails from Hanoi, Vietnam, and is planning to major in film and media studies. She will study in Lafayette’s semester at Goldsmith’s University in London this fall. She is vice president of TEDxLaf, a social media maven for the student ambassador program, and participates in Lafayette Dance Company, Tae Kwon Do Club, and International Students Association. She is a novice CouchSurfer (hospitality exchange). She also enjoys writing, reading, making films, dancing, hiking, traveling, and meeting new people. She would like to work in the film industry or another field related to media after graduating.

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Natalie Zhang

Natalie Zhang ’17 is a double major in (studio) art and economics from Beijing, China. “I spend a lot of time painting and designing,” she says. She is a member of Advertising Club and was involved in women’s club volleyball last semester. She swims regularly. “I really like discovering interesting books from the library as well as reading newspapers and magazines,” she says. “I’m also obsessed with learning languages.” After graduating, she would like to become a designer and travel to different parts of the world. She also wants to help women who are suffering from poverty and unfair treatment.

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Ryan Beebe wearing a dress shirt and tie

Ryan Beebe ’17 is a double major in international affairs and economics from Sparta, N.J. He is an admissions ambassador, tour guide, and tour guide recruitment coordinator, a member of the Pre-Orientation Service Program’s Kids in the Community staff this summer, and a participant on the Model United Nations team. He has been practicing Isshinryu karate since age three and is a former member of the Amateur Athletic Union’s USA Karate National Team. He also loves running, traveling, listening to music, and writing. He would like to attend law school after graduating.

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Matt Schultheiss '15 standing before a city in Spain

Matt Schultheiss ’15 is blogging for a second time after writing about his experiences in Lafayette’s study abroad semester in Madrid, Spain. He is a double major in engineering studies and economics from Shaker Heights, Ohio. He is chair of the Admissions Ambassador Program, a tour guide, and a member of the Percussion Ensemble. He’s also been involved in TEDxLaf and Engineers Without Borders. He enjoys roller coasters, riding bikes, rock climbing, and as a result of studying abroad, he likes to travel and explore when he gets the opportunity. After graduation, he hopes to work for a firm developing cutting-edge technological tools for society.

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Kofi Boateng with two children

Born in Ghana and raised in the Bronx, N.Y., Kofi Boateng ’16 is a double major in anthropology & sociology and neuroscience. He’s a residence adviser and serves on Residence Hall Council, a student admissions ambassador, a Kaplan campus representative, and participates in Outdoors Society and the Science Horizons Research program, among other groups. He’s also a member of the Opportunity Network, a six-year career development program that exposes students to different career options, helps them develop networking skills, and provides college support and mentoring. He enjoys reading, sleeping, and spending time with friends. “I love traveling and especially trying to get myself lost,” he says. “I just love exploring the unfamiliar. I love going to places/events that allow me to be spontaneous. There’s nothing better than not having expectations to fulfill or worry about people you know judging you.” He also loves to cook and can make “a mean banana-nut pancake batch.” After he graduates, he wants to take some time off, travel, and enter a program to get field experience and prepare for medicate school.

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Malahat Mazaher

Malahat Mazaher ’16 is a double major in economics and international affairs (with a concentration in human rights and justice) from Kabul, Afghanistan. She is president of Muslim Students Association, treasurer of the Model United Nations team, a member of Russian Club and the TedEx speaker committee, and an admissions ambassador. She enjoys hanging out with friends, playing tennis, cooking, and learning Russian. She would like to work in entrepreneurship and community development after graduating, and plans to work for a while back in Afghanistan before starting graduate school.

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Madeline Gambino ’14 is a double major in religious studies and history from Bethlehem, Pa., who is studying in Morocco this semester. She is a Creative and Performing Arts Fellow, specializing in creative writing, and a member of Lafayette Initiative for Malagasy Education, the Marquis Scholars Steering Committee, and Kaleidoscope, a social issues peer education program. She also works as a writing associate, an EXCEL Scholar, a tour guide, and a summer assistant for the Office of Intercultural Development. “I love horseback riding and playing the piano, although writing is absolutely my love–especially when I can use what I have seen and learned abroad in my stories,” she says. She has written 13 full-length books in two series and is working on the second series for self publication. After graduating, she would like to continue traveling and writing before or during graduate school.

Madeline’s Blog

Binh Pham ’13, a civil engineering major with a minor in architectural studies from Rockville, Md., points out that he arrived in the United States from Vietnam at age 10 with no experience in speaking English. He’s resident adviser for the Japanese Interest Floor and treasurer of the student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Green Building Club. He is writing an honors thesis about earthquakes in Haiti, with plans to travel there this winter. He studied in Spain last semester and has traveled to England, France, Portugal, and Morocco. He’s undecided about what he will pursue after graduation.

Binh’s Blog

Brandi Porter ’13 is a theater major and music minor from Olney, Md. She is a program coordinator for the Landis Community Outreach Center and is involved in College Theater, the Arts Society, the Soulfege and Cadence a cappella groups, and the Marquis Players, a student group that produces an annual musical to raise money for charity. She studied at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London last school year. She enjoys attending Lafayette football and basketball games and working out at the gym. She spends a lot of time dabbling on the piano to learn songs or practice singing. She also loves spending time with friends, whether it’s hanging out at the Farinon Center, eating at Sogo (an Asian fusion restaurant), going out, or catching up with a movie and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. After graduating, she plans to move to New York City to try out for Broadway or perform in a touring show. Watch a video profile of Brandi

Brandi’s Blog

Mick Kowaleski ’14 hails from Newark, New York, and plans to double major in English and film & media studies. He is associate sports editor for the school newspaper, a DJ for the campus radio station, a member of the crew team and Lafayette Association of Motion Pictures, and will travel to Virginia for an Alternative School Break service project. He coaches children’s soccer in the summer. He also enjoys filmmaking and writing screenplays and short stories. “One of my favorite hobbies is to take a movie and cut a trailer together that betrays the original context of the source material,” he says. “For example, I cut a trailer using the film Good Will Hunting—the original movie is a drama, yet I edited the trailer together as if it is instead an action thriller.” He would like to pursue a career combining film and public relations/marketing, such as movie marketing and promotion.

Mick’s Blog

Morgan West ’13 is a neuroscience major with a minor in health care and society from Huntington Beach, Calif. She is traveling to Switzerland, India, China, and South Africa this semester for a comparative health care study. This summer she took a Lafayette study abroad course in London, where she interned in a ward treating mothers with postpartum depression and supporting them in child care. Last year she coordinated the Safe Harbor program dealing with issues of hunger and homelessness. She led a service trip to Ecuador last winter through Alternative School Break, assisting a rural village in constructing an ethnobontanical garden. Last spring, she served as event director of the fifth annual Youth Empowerment Day and as event co-director of Relay for Life, a cancer-research fundraiser. A member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, she also is a resident adviser and a student member of the sports medicine staff for the football team. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and exploring her surroundings, taking beach walks and searching for sea treasures, scuba diving, traveling, and hot (bikram) yoga. She also is trying her hand at art and learning to use her camera. “And of course I love being in the company of my friends,” she says. After graduation, she hopes to attend medical school and work in maternal health on a global scale, traveling the world to learn about different practices surrounding family planning, birthing, and child care/development.

Morgan’s Blog

Ryan Shroff ’12 is a psychology major with a minor in healthcare and society from Mumbai, India. He is a resident adviser, an executive board member for the Alternative School Break Club, a student member of the Trustee Committee on Development & Alumni Affairs, a member of the Community Outreach Representative (CORe) program for the Office of Development & College Relations, and a facility monitor at Kirby Sports Center. In his free time, he likes to plan his backpacking trip around the world, play pickup soccer on Friday nights, sing in the shower, cook Indian food, hang out with friends over a good, strong cup of tea, and on slow work days, read about world history and religions. After graduating, he would love a job where he can be creative and engage with people daily, especially in a field like human resources or fundraising, and later would like to make his way to graduate school.

Ryan’s Blog

John Paul Bisciotti ’14 is a mechanical engineering major from Media, Pa. In a previous life, he practiced classical double bass and upon his transition to Lafayette College, he took up jazz. He performs with the Lafayette College Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Combo, as well as student-run groups: the New Mechanics band and Carlos Barata ’14. He plays Ultimate Frisbee for Lafayette’s club team, the Lafayette Aflicktion. John Paul is a Maggin Family Creative and Performing Arts Fellow. For his fellowship thesis, he will prepare a presentation comparing Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern music, and perform pieces representative of each period. In his free time, he enjoys watching good movies and visiting the site Upon graduation, he is considering careers in acoustical engineering and earning an MBA.

John Paul’s Blog

Javauhn Caines ’12 is an engineering studies major from the Bronx, N.Y. He’s involved in Brothers of Lafayette, Association of Black Collegians, Hispanic Society of Lafayette, and the Arts Society. He is head manager of the men’s basketball team and an intramural supervisor. He’s also actively involved in his church. In his free time, he enjoys watching episodes of “The Wire,” “Dexter” and “Law and Order”; playing sports, especially football and basketball; and attending Lafayette sports games, especially football. He also likes hanging out with friends and going to parties with them. After graduating, he’d like to become a project/construction manager. He also became interested in entering the TV/film industry as a production manager after interning at MTV Networks last summer.

Javauhn’s Blog

Brian Selvarajah ’12 of Kendall Park, N.J., is working toward dual degrees with a double major in biology and international affairs. He is interning this summer with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Mass., learning basic patent law and NIH policy with the objective of creating an NIH patent manual. He spent the spring semester as a student abroad in Paris – what he considers the four best months of his life to date! Brian spent last summer working as an EXCEL Scholar and continued during the academic year with independent study research in collaboration with James Dearworth, assistant professor of biology and chair of neuroscience. He also worked with Elizabeth Suhay, assistant professor of government and law, researching policy and science issues. He served as a tutor in organic chemistry and was recently inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society. Brian has served as a resident adviser and will be head resident of his residence hall in 2011-2012. He enjoys playing tennis, jogging, traveling, reading, and photography. In his limited down time, one of his favorite indulgences is curling up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate. After life at Lafayette, Brian would like to pursue patent law.

Brian’s Blog

Zack Roberts ’12 is a double major in engineering studies and economics from Durham, Conn., studying in Lafayette’s faculty-led semester in Spain. He competes on the varsity fencing team and participates in the student chapter of Technology, Entertainment, and Design. In his free time he enjoys attending brown bag presentations. When he’s home for extended stays, he fences at local clubs and occasional tournaments. “I am a hometown kind of guy who enjoys ‘the little things’ like family dinners and running in the woods,” he says. “In the summer I love to go sailing and kayaking on Cape Cod.” He also runs five to six days a week. When he graduates, he hopes to enter the work force for several years before pursuing an MBA.

Zack’s Blog

Samantha George ’12 of Dublin, Ohio, is an English major with a writing concentration and a minor in Spanish. She is spending the summer working as an intern for 1010 WINS, a division of CBS radio — the longest-running news station in the United States. She is interviewing, writing, editing, and reporting news stories for broadcast. On campus she’ll be news co-editor of The Lafayette, the weekly student newspaper, during the upcoming school year, having served as arts editor. She is also a member of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society. Samantha serves on the outreach team for Lafayette Christian Fellowship (LCF) and volunteers for community service through the Landis Center. She participates in club tennis and makes some pocket money babysitting for a family off-campus. She also enjoys reading, writing, shopping, watching TV shows and movies, and hanging out with friends. After graduating, Samantha’s ambition is to become a broadcast journalist.

Samantha’s Blog

Charnelle Pinkett ’13 of Silver Spring, Md., has a self-designed major in social justice and a minor in film and media studies. She is living in Manhattan this summer while working as a press relations intern for Comedy Central, a role that requires her to monitor press coverage of the cable network’s shows and actors and foster good relations with the press. She came to Lafayette as a D.C. Posse Scholar. She is a member of the Dance Team and the hip-hop dance group Gossip Prone, the scribe of the fashion club, a member of Veterinary Explorations Through Service, and a resident adviser. She loves musicals and tries to see every production she can, so she is right at home in the Big Apple. Her guilty indulgence is an addiction to pop culture, as she confesses to watching an “insane” amount of television and reading gossip magazines. Charnelle is still deciding what exactly she would like to do in life after Lafayette, but she hopes to do something that she is passionate about and that helps make the world a better place.

Charnelle’s Blog

Shrutarshi Basu ’11 is tackling a B.S. in electrical and computer engineering and an A.B. with a major in computer science. He comes to Lafayette from Kolkata, India. He enjoys reading and writing, especially about technology, and writes about computing and technology issues in his blog The ByteBaker. He likes contributing to open-source computing projects and experimenting with computer-generated art and music. He’s displayed his sense of humor the past two years as master of ceremonies at the International Students Association’s Extravaganza Grand Finale. He is president of Lafayette’s student chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, treasurer of the student chapter of the Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society, and served two years as a resident adviser for a living group focusing on a substance-free lifestyle. He conducts research with Chun Wai Liew, associate professor of computer science, as an EXCEL Scholar, and was one of 27 Lafayette students invited last year to present their work at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. He also spent last summer conducting research at Virginia Tech. He plans to attend grad school and earn another degree related to computer science.

Shrutarshi’s Blog

Laquan Lightfoot ’11 of Washington, D.C., is majoring in government and law with a minor in psychology. She is studying in Lafayette’s faculty-led semester in London this semester. Hailing from the nation’s capital, she is a Posse Scholar, public chair for Student Government, a college outreach representative, and a member of the Precision Step Team, Gossip Prone dancers, mock trial team, Association of Black Collegians, and Kirby Government & Law Society. She has been co-chair for the Class of 2014 orientation program, an admissions employee, a night manager at the Farinon Center, and a model and dancer for the Fashion Club. She also likes writing poetry, watching movies, relaxing in Gilbert’s, shopping, and spending time with friends. She plans to attend law school and become a prosecutor.

Laquan’s Blog

Andy Moore ’12 is a government and law major from Austin, Texas. He is a guard on the men’s basketball team, a peer mentor, a member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and a member of the Lafayette Leadership Education Committee. In his free time, he enjoys reading books on war history, listening to music, and watching Texas football. After graduation, he hopes to get involved in small business.

Andy’s Blog

Kurumi Fukushima ’12 is a double major in international affairs and a self-designed major in broadcast journalism. She comes to Lafayette from Glen Ridge, N.J. She serves on the executive board of Pi Beta Phi sorority, is vice president of the Gymnastics Club, and is a member of the cheerleading team and the Investment Club. She also is a volunteer and certified EMT for the Glen Ridge Ambulance Squad. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, taking dance classes, shopping, and traveling around the world. After graduating, she would like to work at a TV station as a reporter and work her way up to becoming a news anchor in New York City.

Kurumi’s Blog

Imogen Cain ’12 is an art major pursuing a minor in Spanish from Perkasie, Pa. She enjoys painting, photography, snowboarding, travel, community service, and spending time with friends. She plans to study abroad in the spring to Barcelona or Madrid. She is a diver on the varsity women’s swimming and diving team as well as vice president of programming for her sorority, Delta Gamma. As an EXCEL Scholar with Ed Kerns, Clapp Professor of Art, she is working on the Economic Empowerment and Global Learning Project’s effort to help the residents of the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans rebuild as a sustainable community. She also is serving as a studio assistant, helping Kerns design, create, print, and frame his work. She hopes to have a creative career in the arts after graduation.

Imogen and Margaret’s Blog

Margaret Bruno-Metzger ’11 is an art major from Bridgewater, N.J., who loves to run, paint, and draw. She also enjoys horseback riding and skiing. As a three-season varsity athlete, she competes in cross country, winter track, and spring track, with a focus on mid-distance, particularly the 800M, mile, and 3K. As an EXCEL Scholar this summer with Ed Kerns, Clapp Professor of Art, she is working on the Economic Empowerment and Global Learning Project’s effort to help the residents of the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans rebuild as a sustainable community. She also is serving as a studio assistant, helping Kerns design, create, print, and frame his work. She would like to have an enjoyable job in the art field after graduation.

Imogen and Margaret’s Blog

Ioana Marin ’11 is a neuroscience major from Galati, Romania. She is passionate about art and religion, loves dancing, cooking, and reading science news, and wants to become a wine connoisseur. She’s public relations officer for International Students Association, a member of Technology Entertainment Design, for which she translates talks from English to Romanian, and is involved in Students For Workers. She’s also conducting EXCEL Scholars research related to developmental dyslexia with Lisa Gabel, assistant professor of psychology, and is an office assistant for Shyamal Majumdar, Kreider Professor Emeritus of Biology. She studied in London last semester. Ioana is leaning toward pursuing a Ph.D. or combination Ph.D./M.D. and wants to conduct clinical research.

Ioana’s Blog

Alan Raisman ’10 is a double major in international affairs and government & law from Huntingdon Valley, Pa. He enjoys photography, visiting new places, meeting new people, and trying new foods. He loves Easton, serving it as a member of the College Hill Neighborhood Association, the Easton Environmental Advisory Council, and the Weed and Seed program. He also volunteers for the Easton Main Street Initiative. He participates in Lafayette Student Initiative, which encourages active participation in events that further the progress of the community and the College. He also helps promote the Office of Career Services’ Gateway program and recently ended his terms as president of ‘Pards to People, vice president of Hillel Society, and staff member for the Landis Community Outreach Center. Alan currently sits on the Development and Alumni Affairs Committee for Lafayette’s Board of Trustees as well as serves on the board of trustees for People to People International. He loves working with people and would like to land a job in government or community work as well as attend grad school.

Alan’s Blog

Kameisha Hodge ’11 is an English major from Washington, D.C. She enjoys reading books by black writers, writing poetry, and playing Super Mario Bros 3 and Revenge of the Shinobi on her Wii, as well as taking naps and hanging out in Farinon College Center with her friends. She is the founder and president of Precision Step Team, treasurer of W.O.R.D.S. (Writing Organization Reaching Dynamic Students), participates in the Association of Black Collegians, co-hosts a show on the Lafayette radio station, WJRH, and helps students with career preparation as a Gateway ambassador. She’s undecided about her future, weighing the possibilities of writing for a magazine, handling event planning for a large corporation, and earning a master of fine arts degree.

Kameisha’s Blog

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Susanna Kim

Susanna Kim ’15 is a double major in policy studies and French from Willow Grove, Pa., studying in Morocco this spring. She is vice president of the Policy in Action club, an America Reads*Counts tutoring program coordinator, a house manager at the Williams Center for the Arts, and a member of Concert Choir and le Cercle Français (French club). She also enjoys reading and binging on Netflix. “I stink at cooking, but I love to eat!” she adds. Last summer, she taught eighth-grade writing in West Philadelphia through the Breakthrough Collaborative, an international nonprofit that aims to put high-achieving, at-risk secondary students on the track to college and beyond. “I fell head over heels for teaching and will be returning to teach ninth grade this summer with the same program,” she says. After graduation, she plans to take a gap year or two in South Korea and teach English. She then hopes to teach either preschool or middle school and eventually work in education policy.

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Rebecca Murray wearing a pink-red dress

Rebecca Murray ’15 is a psychology major with a minor in Spanish from Wyckoff, N.J., who is studying in Lafayette’s faculty-led Costa Rica program this semester. She served last year as vice president of Lafayette Dance Company and will be co-president next spring. She volunteers at the Easton Area Senior Center. “Being able to make someone’s day better by being there and playing ping pong, helping out, or just talking, is such a gift,” she says. She belongs to DiscipleMakers Christian Fellowship and will serve on the leadership team next spring. She also enjoys being a part of the Hispanic Society and taking part in hikes and activities with the Outdoors Society. Apart from college, she works as a part-time administrative associate for a therapist. This past summer, she taught dance at McDonogh Summer Camp in Baltimore. She loves reading, often writes poetry, and adores social ballroom dancing. She’s also discovered a joy in cooking, especially baking, with a huge list of recipes to attest to this. Relaxing with friends is also very important to her. After graduating, she plans to attend graduate school and is considering a career in therapy.

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Lisa Goulding holds an apple in each hand while standing next to an apple tree.

Lisa Goulding ’16 is a chemical engineering major with a French minor from Houston, Texas, spending the spring semester in Lafayette’s semester program in Bremen, Germany. She’s a member of Society of Women Engineers, Lafayette Association of Visual Artists, and TedXLaf. In her free time she doodles, sketches, and paints. After she graduates, she would like to move back to Houston and work for an oil company while continuing to create art as a hobby.

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Marlene First

Marlene First ’15, a film and media studies major from Scarsdale, N.Y., is studying in Japan this semester. Last year, she lived on the Japanese Interest Floor. She is a promotional model for Japanese companies and writes for Anime News Network. She enjoys writing and reading, and is working on a webcomic with another Lafayette student. She also likes to sew costumes as well as take photographs and make videos. “I travel a lot and like to go to random places,” she adds. After graduating, she would like to attend graduate school in Japan and work in the entertainment industry there, or go to California for graduate school and become a director.

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Kenny Morse

Kenny Morse ’13 is a psychology major with a minor in anthropology and sociology from Allentown, Pa., studying in Lafayette’s semester in London program. He is a member of the Delta Upsilon fraternity and participates in many intramural sports. He’s also involved in a basketball program in Allentown during the summer. He enjoys cooking, reading books, exercising, and watching TV. After graduating, he would like to pursue a graduate degree in audiology and work as both a clinician and researcher.

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Peter Berexa ’14 is a double major in psychology and anthropology & sociology from Pittsburgh, Pa., who is studying in Lafayette’s program at Goldsmiths College in London this semester. He is active in his church and in religious life on campus, including chapel, Lafayette Christian Fellowship, and Sojourners, a group he leads as president that seeks to create interfaith dialogue. He’s a resident of the special interest house America Through the Decades, a member of the Photography Club, and treasurer of the Theater Underground, and active in both student and faculty-led theater productions. In his free time he enjoys outdoor activities, including camping, biking, and rock climbing. “I am also passionate about photography, foreign language, and cooking, and I enjoy seeing the wonderful Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and Irish and classical theater,” he says. He also helps run a shelter for unwanted cats. He plans on attending graduate school and becoming a clinical psychologist.

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A picture of Megan Goodman '14, a student blogging about her experiences studying in China

Megan Goodman ’14 is a double major in international affairs and Asian studies from Millwood, N.Y., studying in China this semester. She’s chair of the Family Weekend Committee, an admissions student ambassador and member of the junior committee for tour guides, and a member of Tri Delta sorority. She likes hanging out with her friends, reading, watching TV, going to the movies, and traveling. After graduation, she wants to drive to California with her sister and travel around the West Coast. She’d like a career that includes travel.

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Elisabeth Burnor ’14 is a double major in biology and English from Rockaway, N.J., who is studying in Lafayette’s new Costa Rica program this fall. She is a Creative and Performing Arts Fellow, specializing in creative writing and studio art, and has played in the Jazz Ensemble for two years. She also belongs to the Crew Club, Outdoors Club, and Lafayette Environmental Awareness and Protection. She has worked as an EXCEL Scholar with English professor James Woolley since May 2011. Painting and writing are her two favorite hobbies. She also loves outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, cycling, jogging, and swimming. An avid reader, she tries to read as much classic literature as possible. For her career, she would like to work in any job that involves conservation and biology, but she may go to graduate school for biology and ecology.

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Xingjian “Max” Ma ’14 is a chemical engineering major from Shenyang, China, and is studying in Lafayette’s semester-abroad program in Bremen, Germany, this spring. Last semester he served as public relations officer for the International Students Association, treasurer for the Badminton Club, photographer for the student newspaper and the Division of Communications, admissions ambassador, and participated in Photography Club and Math Club. In his free time he enjoys basketball, photography, badminton, bridge, and travel. After graduating, he plans to pursue a Ph.D.

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Lauren White ’13 of Lafayette, California, is studying international affairs and the sociology of the Middle East in Istanbul, Turkey, this semester. She is a women’s and gender studies major with a minor in government and law. Previously, she served as co-president of College Democrats and is a member of Association of Lafayette College Feminists. She is a longtime volunteer and intern for the San Francisco Public Library and has canvassed for various political campaigns. She plays the cello and is learning the guitar. She loves attending music festivals, hiking, and photography. “I hope my experience abroad will help me decide what area of political science I would like to study in graduate school,” she says.

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Devon Thorsell ’13 is an international affairs major from Lake Forest Park, Wash., studying in Tanzania this semester through a program focusing on wildlife conservation and political ecology. At Lafayette, she’s a resident adviser, tour guide, and participant in College Theater and the Marquis Players student drama group. She also is a model for the Fashion Club and a member of the student chapters of Amnesty International and Engineers Without Borders. In the summer, she works at a YMCA camp in Washington State. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, biking, and singing. She looks forward to traveling and gaining more education after graduation.

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Isaac Lavine ’14 is a chemical engineering major from Amherst, Massachusetts, who is studying in Lafayette’s semester-abroad program in Madrid, Spain, this spring. At Lafayette, he’s involved with the Ultimate Frisbee team, the Meals at Third Street service program, and Engineers Without Borders. He enjoys jogging, hanging out with his friends and girlfriend, reading, and eating dinner at Easton restaurants. After graduating, he would like to work in chemical engineering and possible pursue graduate school.

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Michael Viteritto ’13 is an English major with a minor in theater from North Caldwell, N.J. He is a member of the Delta Upsilon fraternity, the club lacrosse team, and the Experience Lafayette Day Committee. He also acts in College Theater, most recently portraying Captain Barbage in Ubu Roi. An Eagle Scout, he’s an active member of his local Boy Scout troop when in his hometown. In his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar, drums and piano; reading science fiction and horror; writing short stories and poetry; making models; playing golf; and gourmet cooking. After graduating, his goals are to attend law school, seek acceptance into the Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps, and one day practice military law as a member of the U.S. Navy.

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Steve McClain ’12 of West Chester, Pa., is a mathematics-economics major with a minor in philosophy. He is spending his summer at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in China through the Alliance for Global Education. He is taking an intermediate level Mandarin language course and working as a finance intern at a Shanghai firm. (Shanghai is a major business hub and the Chinese equivalent of Wall Street.) Back home at Lafayette, he is chairman of the orientation program, vice president of the crew club, and the former president of the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity. Steve also is a PADI rescue-certified scuba diver and has enjoyed diving in the warm waters of Key Largo, Maui, and Honduras. He has a penchant for scuba diving at night, sailing with his father on a windy afternoon, shooting a round of golf under 100 strokes, and enjoying a well-prepared meal paired with the perfect glass of wine as well as philosophical conversations held over a campfire surrounded by friends. He admits to being a movie addict, having seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Transformers movies more times than he cares to count. After graduation, Steve would like to pursue graduate studies in economics with the hope of tackling some of the big, multifaceted problems that face the U.S. and the world at large.

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Elyse Schunkewitz ’12 is a double major in American studies and art from Montville, N.J., studying in Israel this semester. At Lafayette, she’s involved in the Landis Community Outreach Center’s pre-orientation service program, student radio station WJRH, Lafayette Association of Visual Artists, and Alpha Gamma Delta sorority. She has interned at a Top 40 radio station in Manhattan, 92.3 NOW FM, and worked on its street team, the NOW Entourage. She enjoys painting, photography, learning how to DJ, meeting new people, trying new foods, watching ’90s TV shows, singing in the shower, and searching for the best falafel. What does she want to do after graduation? “It changes every day.”

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Rethna Eddy ’12, a double major in English and psychology from Philadelphia, Pa., is studying at the University of Auckland for the spring semester. She spent last semester in Lafayette’s faculty-led program at Goldsmiths College in London. At Lafayette, she’s involved in the America Reads program, a staff member of the Landis Community Outreach Center, and a member of the Marquis Players,The Marquis literary magazine staff, The Lafayette newspaper staff, and College Democrats. She’s also interested in Amnesty International and Save Darfur. In her free time, she loves to write and read poetry, write fiction, travel, try new things, play tennis, and spend time with friends and family. She hopes to serve in AmeriCorps after graduation before enrolling in law school to study international law.

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Niccole Rivero ’12 is an international affairs major from Shavertown, Pa., experiencing the Post-Conflict Transformation Semester Abroad in Uganda and Rwanda. At Lafayette she is involved in Amnesty International and the Lafayette Intercultural Networking Council. Her interests include reading, playing tennis, activism, political awareness, and East African history. She hopes to work for a humanitarian nongovernmental organization in East Africa after graduating.

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Gregory Baldwin ’12 is an English major from Lakewood, Col. He is studying in Scotland this semester. He is co-coordinator of the Kids in the Community program for the Landis Community Outreach Center, a college outreach representative, an admissions tour guide, and a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. In his free time he enjoys watching sports and movies, reading, listening to music, camping and hiking, running, cycling, and just socializing with friends. He plans to enroll in medical school and eventually become a surgeon.

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Jared Katz ’12 is a double major in history and a self-designed major in archaeology from Stoneham, Mass. He is studying in San Bartolo and Antigua, Guatemala, this semester. He competes on the varsity fencing team, is president and co-founder of the Lafayette club Quidditch team, serves as treasurer of the Unity Team, which focuses on issues involving liberal arts education, and helps students as a writing associate. He also is an Eagle Scout and assistant scout master of Troop 513. He enjoys playing music, reading, running, and spending time with friends. He does a lot of research on Maya iconography and the formation of the Maya glyphic writing system. He hopes to become a professor of archaeology.

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Daisy Chen ’12 is a chemical engineering major from Hackettstown, N.J. She is studying in Lafayette’s faculty-led program in Bremen, Germany, this semester. She loves to cook, read fashion magazines, and travel, having visited England, Italy, Greece, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand with her family. She is an executive board member for Student Movement Against Cancer, a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, and a campus tour guide. She has worked in the admissions office and as a lab assistant for the chemistry department. She would like to work for an energy/utilities company after graduating.

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Jared Piette ’12 is a mechanical engineering major from Granby, Conn., with a minor in government and law. He is studying in Florence, Italy, this semester. He is a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, Lafayette Activities Forum, and STAND: A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition. He enjoys traveling, recreational sports with friends (campus golf, bocce, frisbee), playing the piano, watching TV shows on Hulu, and catching up on the news of the world. He has no definite plans for life after graduation, but foresees settling down in a long-term job and perhaps earning a master’s degree.

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