Andrew Moore

Lafayette College basketball player

February 22, 2012

You’re Welcome, Lafayette

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Note: This blog, which originates on, was written prior to Senior Day last week. With Senior Day coming up this Wednesday night I feel it is necessary to have a senior day blog. Now usually this blog thanks the senior class for everything they have done and brought to the program, but since I […]

Leopard in Africa

January 22, 2012

Back From Africa; Beat Lehigh on Sunday

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Mambo, Leopards fans? I have returned from my excursions in Africa and am happy to see that my team has been holding its own in conference play. My trip was a great success, filled with many escapades and memorable moments. Below I will detail my adventures and show how my experiences could benefit the Leopards. […]

Andy Moore '12

January 6, 2012

Jambo! to India

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Jambo! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a happy New Year. Hopefully 2012 has plenty of wins in store for the Leopards. Unfortunately, the New Year is going to start off with some bad news from Something Moore. Back in September when I was forced into an early retirement by my everlasting concussion […]

Guard Andy Moore

December 2, 2011

Getting Grand

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Nov. 22 was a historic night at Kirby Sports Center. Not only did Jim Mower set a single-game record with 10 threes in one game, become the 38th Leopard to join the 1000-point club, and set his own career high with 37 points, but in his post-game interview he gave a heartwarming shout out to his wonderful […]

Andy Moore '12

November 14, 2011

Something Moore — Season Two Premiere

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Roll out the red carpet, ladies and gentlemen, Something Moore is back and better than ever. I know it was probably a rough few months without my blog, but the wait is over and it is now time to dust off the cobwebs and get ready for the basketball season. While I am set to […]

Andy Moore '12

May 26, 2011

A Parting Gift for the Basketball Seniors

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With finals and graduation ceremonies in the books, summer has officially begun. Considering that the world didn’t end, I would say we are off to a good start. For the four seniors, this means their time on College Hill has come to an end and they now must face life in the real world. While […]


April 28, 2011

No More Complaining, Keep Raining

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The weather here is still pretty bad, but I am done complaining. After seeing what is happening around the country, I’d say we are pretty lucky to only have thunderstorms and a few cloudy days. For example, tornadoes are crushing the south. Right now they are predicting that at least 250 people are dead in […]


April 17, 2011

There Is No Such Thing As Too Involved

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When choosing a college most athletes are asked the “broken leg” question. The question is, if you were to break your leg and never be able to play sports again, what college would you be happiest at? Pondering this question during my prep year at Northfield Mount Hermon, I figured Lafayette’s prestigious academics would be […]

April snow at Lafayette

April 6, 2011

Dorothy, I need some advice

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Where are some red ruby slippers when you need them most? For the past week I have been desperately searching for a pair of them on eBay, because I am pretty much fed up with the weather and need to find a warmer climate. Ever since graduating high school in Austin, Texas, where I lived […]


March 31, 2011

The Danger of Concussions

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During lunch today I attended a presentation sponsored by Bailey Health Center on concussions. As an athlete who has experienced concussion symptoms for over five months, I was immediately interested in the presentation as it reminded me how unusual and alarming my personal case was while also informing me of the long-term damage head injuries […]