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February 27, 2015

Adventures in Africa: Morocco Part 1

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            This past weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Morocco.  The trip began as I rushed to the train station after finishing a Dynamics exam.  I was a little worried about time, but I ended up finishing the exam a little early and everything was fine.  We took a 5.5 hour train to […]


February 26, 2015

Overseas, Underfunded: A College Student’s View on European Life

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This semester, Lafayette’s engineering program is enabling me to spend the subsequent four months studying abroad in Bremen, Germany. I have been asked by Lafayette to relay analyses of my experiences back to current and prospective students by means of this blog. I consider this quite a privilege and I will put my best foot […]

Teaching English

February 20, 2015

Culture d’Enfance (Internship) and Toubab Dialaw

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Asalam Alekuem everyone! I started my internship two weeks ago and it has been a blessing to work for a non-profit organization called Culture d’Enfance. It was started by a few great women and men who felt the need for the children of Senegal to have access to hobbies and cultural experiences. The main purpose […]


February 18, 2015

Five Weeks In

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This post will be a continuation of the last one.  Just to refresh your memories, I’m studying in Madrid, Spain, with 20 other friends from Lafayette and Professor Smith, who is a Mechanical Engineering professor at Lafayette. Two weeks ago, Professor Smith took us to a dinner and flamenco show.  The dinner consisted of what […]


February 15, 2015

Getting Started

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I’ve been here in Madrid, Spain for about five weeks now.  It doesn’t really feel like it’s been that long, but when I think back to that first day, it does seem like ages ago.  I guess time does fly when you’re having fun.  Anyway, five weeks is plenty of time for more than a […]

A person walks on a street in Goree, Senegal

February 3, 2015

Re-Learning to be “mahalala fomba” (respectful in Malagasy) in Senegal

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It is common sense to think that greetings are important in most cultures. I thought I knew that, but I never felt this impolite in my (short) life until I got here in Senegal. I never realized that I actually don’t greet people enough. For example, last week my mother reminded me to say hello to two different people  and three times in […]

The Senegalese dish Cembu Jen

January 30, 2015

10 Facts about Senegal (Only 4 for this entry)

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Welcome to my blog where I share my experience in Senegal, “La Teranga” or the land of hospitality. I am going to share ten major characteristics of Senegalese life and culture during the semester but for my first post I am only going to share four of them. 1- Islam Senegal has been very much […]


January 6, 2015

My Experience Abroad: The End of a Semester & a Fresh Start

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  Every day I woke up happy and excited, not only for where I was in that moment, but also for everything that lay ahead in my future. I was immersed in a group of 21 peers that made me see the best in the world around me and gave me the strength of mind […]

Leachate Pools at Fes Landfill

October 29, 2014

My Week in the Atlas Mountains

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We are greeted as we step out into the crisp, cool mountain air – finally, a taste of autumn. Our hosts bring out mint tea and cookies. We snack and find our rooms. The Bensmim Guesthouse is a cozy little place with just enough space to fit our group of 22. Mountains and small tracts […]

Point Reyes National Seashore (The Landscape)

September 24, 2014

IHP Climate Change: San Francisco

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The Adelaide is a cozy little hostel tucked into the Isadora-Duncan alleyway only a few blocks away from Union Square. Taqueria El Sol became our go-to destination for nearby veggie burritos. We were surrounded by restaurants of all different cuisines. Breakfast is served every morning from 7–10. Hostel guests gather in the kitchen downstairs to eat and […]