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Fresco paintings in the dome of the Karlskirche

July 23, 2015

Rothkopf Scholars in Vienna

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By Kaitlin Worden ’16 December 1st, 2014, 4:31 pm. This moment is seared in my brain as the moment that I opened my email to find out that I was on the adventure of a lifetime. I also remember it as the one time I shouted in a library, and immediately ran out to call […]

Riding a donkey

July 15, 2015

Ten Facts About Senegal Continued (6 facts in this post)

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In the beginning of my spring semester in Senegal, I opened up my blog with a entry called “10 facts about Senegal,” but I actually only wrote four of them. I planned to write the six other ones along the semester, which I will be doing in this entry. Now that I am thinking about […]


July 9, 2015


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I started writing this post a while ago and just continued it recently.  Enjoy! Back in May: On Sunday the 17th, I left Madrid to travel with my grandparents.  We spent two days in Berlin, and on Wednesday, we began the river cruise portion of our trip. I was very impressed with Grand Circle (the […]


June 20, 2015

Overseas, Underfunded: 12 Things You’ll Learn While Studying Abroad in Europe

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Buzzfeed, watch your back…   #1 Elevator “Door Close” buttons actually work   You heard right, that button inside  the elevator actually closes the door! It’s revolutionary! This feature alone has left European sitcom writers short of material for years. Now you can nonchalantly block those frantic luggage-loaded people sprinting toward the lift hollering, “HOLD […]


June 5, 2015

Overseas, Underfunded: Germany, A History Pt. 1

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I love history! But by now, everyone should already know that. For this reason, I am appalled that I had not already thought of spinning the tale of Germany’s history for all of you. It’s a beautifully tragic one to be sure. The German people truly have seen the brightest and darkest forms of human […]


May 20, 2015

¡Hasta Luego España!

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My last final was on Wednesday, the 13th.  I remember feeling relieved when I turned it in as I normally do at the end of final exams – it’s a good feeling to have zero academic responsibilities after the stress of studying for finals.  However, as soon as I walked out the classroom door, it […]


May 17, 2015

Overseas, Underfunded: The German Welfare State Pt. 2

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Opinion In America, every now and again you still come across a far right conservative who advocates for a laissez faire economy and the end to government welfare programs. However, most people have come to realize the importance of providing some amount of welfare; unless you are talking to Ron Swanson, that is. (By the […]


May 17, 2015

Overseas, Underfunded: The German Welfare State Pt. 1

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Welfare is one the great debates of modern American politics. Those who lean toward the left tend to advocate for more expansive and encompassing government welfare systems which the poverty-stricken masses can live off of. More conservative folks would argue for fewer government handouts and would more than likely make a reference to Social Darwinism. […]

Group picture of my dance class.

May 11, 2015

Finals Week in Madrid

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I can’t believe that the semester is almost over! Finals end on the 13th, my grandparents’ plane arrives on the 14th, we’re leaving Spain on the 17th, and I’m flying home to Baltimore on the 29th. Before this semester, 18 days would have seemed like a pretty long European trip since my two previous trips […]


May 1, 2015

So you think you can dance?

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This last week has been filled with lots of dancing.  I never really considered myself much of a dancer before coming here.  The only real dancing that I’d ever done was in the various theatrical productions I’ve been in over the years. As most of you probably know, this semester I took Latin Rhythms and […]