July 17, 2011 John de Rosier editorial cartoon

March 29, 2015

Overseas, Underfunded: Transportation

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Transportation is the backbone of any society. Cars bring people to work, buses haul kids to school, trucks spread goods across the country, trains pull miles of containers from coast to coast. America’s institutions would not exist if we did have fast, reliable means of transportation. However, for six decades America has neglected to sit […]


March 28, 2015

Italy- The Land of Mediocre Pizza

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A lot has happened this week.  My parents came to Madrid after our weekend in Barcelona.  I got to show them my school and they got to enjoy the city while I was in class.  On Monday night, my parents and I went out to dinner with my host Mother Marli.  Marli is wonderful and […]

A plate of penne pasta with red sauce

March 26, 2015

Working Off Campus

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Going off to college is a big step in young adulthood. There’s a lot of freedom, but that freedom also comes with even greater responsibilities. As I started off my college career, I felt like even though I was doing everything that a young adult should be doing, there was one big thing missing: a […]

Some of the LCAP family!

March 25, 2015

Gotta Fight for your Right to Party: Spring Break 2015

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On your left, you will see the Spring Breakers in their natural habitat. Observe, as they engage in the imbibing of spirits. Watch, as they frolic together in various states of undress. Look on in awe as they engage in the “mosh pit.” Note the tropical locale these individuals have placed themselves in. These are […]


March 21, 2015


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In case you were wondering, our picnic on Saturday was a success.  We hung out in the park, ate lunch, and played Frisbee for about three hours. However, the most exciting thing that happened this week is that my parents came to visit.  They flew into Barcelona on Thursday morning.  I took an overnight train […]


March 15, 2015

Overseas, Underfunded: Fashion

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A few days ago, I decided, I need a haircut. This seemed like an easy enough proposition, and yet I was shaking in my boots. Well, I’m actually wearing hiking shoes which, by the way, are great for these uneven cobblestone streets. Although many Germans, particularly young adults, speak fluent English, local businesses like barbershops […]


March 14, 2015

Toulouse, France

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Last weekend, Lafayette took us to Toulouse, France. The bus ride was ten hours long, but we broke it up by stopping in San Sebastian – a small coastal town in the north of Spain. It was very pretty. Once we got to Toulouse, we were set off on our own to have dinner and […]

Ivoirians and their trophy

March 12, 2015

Weekend in Dakar

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I started my weekend well. I was at one of the social centers we work with and learning embroidering, which I was pretty horrible at. One of the girls in the center whose name is Oumou taught me… I was doing it right apparently, but not really since I made it too tight.     […]

What I'm looking forward to.

March 10, 2015

Here Comes the Sun: Winter is Going

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So let me get this out of the way: I hate the Winter. Having been born and raised in Central Jersey, I am certainly accustomed to snowy and frigid Winters. I’ve walked through many a slushy street and tripped over an infinite number of patches of black ice. Sure, the first snowfall is charming, Christmas is […]


March 6, 2015

Adventures in Africa: Morocco – Part 2

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On Sunday, we left early for the Rif Mountains.  When we had driven as far as the van could take us, we got out and then walked the rest of the way up a mountain to have lunch and a conversation with the family that lived there. The family was wonderful and our meal of […]