May 12, 2010

My Four Years at Lafayette

On Thursday, May 6, 2010, I had my last undergraduate college class.  Four years ago, I could never have thought that graduation would come so quickly.  I still remember walking into my first year dormitory, meeting with my Orientation group, and sitting in my first class.  My first class, Possibilities of Community, helped put my four years into perspective, introducing me to the people of Easton and various members of the Lafayette community.  Within my four years, I have been involved at Lafayette College in a variety of capacities, each helping shape my four years and making each day a unique experience.  Some of favorite moments at Lafayette College have been made through the Hillel Society, Pards to People, the International Student Association, the Family Weekend Committee, and the Board of Trustees, but there are numerous other groups and events at Lafayette College that made my experience great.

The Diversity Awards and the Aaron O. Hoff Awards are two events which occur each spring and highlight the achievements of Lafayette College students, faculty, and staff.  The various Diversity Awards are given to students, faculty, and staff who help promote diversity around campus.  The Aaron O. Hoff Awards are presented by the Office of Student Life Programs and are given to students, faculty, and staff who have shown their dedication and commitment to the Lafayette College community.  I had the privilege of  attending the Diversity Awards my freshman year and my senior year, and I had the privilege of attending the Aaron O. Hoff Awards my entire four years at Lafayette College.  At the Aaron O. Hoff Awards, I received the Volunteer of the Year Award my freshman year and the Service Above Self Award my senior year.  In my sophomore year, Pards to People received the Aaron O. Hoff Outstanding Communication/Service Organization Award.  In my junior year, I presented the Aaron O. Hoff Community Appreciation Award to the Easton Main Street Initiative, and Hillel received the Aaron O. Hoff Outstanding Religious Organization Award.

Every winter and summer, Lafayette College’s Career Services hosts networking nights during students’ interim sessions.  Two years ago, they hosted networking nights in Philadelphia and New York City, and they hosted their first networking night in Washington D.C. last summer.  I was able to attend the Philadelphia networking night two years ago as well as the Washington D.C. networking night last summer.  They allow students to interact and network with Lafayette alumni in a variety of fields.  Last summer, I was able to talk with a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.  I kept in touch with him throughout the year, and we met again this past fall.  The networking nights provide a great resource for Lafayette students.

I participated in Lafayette College’s Pre-Orientation Service Program in August of my sophomore year.  The Pre-Orientation Service Program is organized by the Landis Community Outreach Center and allows first-year students to come to campus a week before orientation and participate in a service activity while getting to know Easton,  Students participate in service projects in both Easton and Phillipsburg.  During my sophomore year, I worked at the Easton Area Senior Center.

The experiences mentioned above helped enliven my Lafayette College experience.  I will never forget the four years I experienced at Lafayette College.  This weekend, I will post my final blog post, about my four years in Easton, Pennsylvania.  Thank you all for reading about my experiences!!

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  1. Dear Alan, ever since I started volunteering at Senior Centers to teach art, everyone, who has/had contact with you at the seniors centers or anyone at the city of easton, have continuously expressed super fondness toward you and all other Lafayette students who are there to offer their time to volunteer. I cant express how much you have help them and how kind you all have been to them. I was very proud and I was very honored to meet you the very first time on May. 1. 2010.

    That day, the May. 1st. I came just to watch “Who is Easton” and I wasn’t planning to speak at all. But Noel insisted and I though since i was one of the oldest in that crowd, perhaps I could informed them what was happening in Easton about 20 yrs ago? ( long before Lafayette ever showed interest) I must say, am very proud to be part of Apple Core who contributed so much to development of City of Easton. In fact, one of the Lafayette Trustees ( for Easton), Richard McAteers wife, Mary Jane was my supervisor as Apple Core officer. My job was to bring clients with lots of money (mostly doctors) to make sure they buy lots of art from our fundraiser art vendors. Thanks to Apple Core, We had Weller center and help bring Crayola to Easton downtown! And Our city has changed for better for forever!

    Alan, Congratulation on your graduation and i could only envision you with life filled with greatness. Thank you for offering part of that life to our Easton. And I wish you all the best that this world could offer! ! – Mrs. Uz

    says Selin Sinan Uz '02
    May 13, 2010 at 12:40 am

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