February 26, 2011

A Day in the Life

… of an Engineer at a Liberal Arts College

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Image Courtesy Wikipedia8:30am — Woken up by the sun coming in through the open blinds. Decide that it is far too early to be awake on a Sunday. Turn over and promptly go back to sleep.

9:30am — Woken up again by no reason in particular. Decide it is a slightly more acceptable time to be up. Shower and get dressed in standard issue college uniform of T-shirt, sweater, jeans, jacket and snow boots.

10:00am — Get to The Cosmic Cup. Order a tall cappuccino and an everything bagel with jalapeno cream cheese. Find a corner and sit down to read Actors: A Model of Concurrent Computation in Distributed Systems (last checked out from the library in 1988).

10:30am — John Fulton from Network Services comes in with his 3-year-old daughter. They have bagels and chocolate milk. We end up talking about graduate school at Cornell, programming languages, IBM’s technical support and how Oracle is swallowing up Sun Microsystems.

11:30am — Meet with a friend, Ioana Marin for brunch. Walk to Tracy’s, a small breakfast place about two blocks from campus. I get eggs benedict and she gets a waffle with apples. We talk about graduate school, graduation and credit cards. After a short walk around the block I head back to campus and she heads back to her house off-campus.

1:00pm — Start on my treatment for a script we need to write for scriptwriting class. It’s supposed to be about telepathic cops. It goes slowly. Very slowly.

3:30pm — Call it quits on the treatment. I’ve written all of a page and a half. Decide to do reading for my thesis instead. Amazingly I find an empty study room in the library and settle in.

5:30pm — Done reading three chapters. Pack and start on my way to the McKelvy House for their weekly discussion (and free food).

6:00pm — Dinner with McKelvy House residents. Pulled pork, potato salad and cherry cake.

6:30pm — Start on the discussion of the day. It’s about federal funding for varsity athletes and the required balance between men’s and women’s teams.

8:30pm — Start back for campus with a few folks from McKelvy. Talk about synthetic biology and building logic gates from biomolecules on the way.

9:00pm — Decide to catch up on reading backlog for screenwriting class. Hope it will help with writing the treatment.

10:30pm — Call home and then get back to reading.

12:00am — Roommates show up. Random talk about nothing in particular.

1am — Decide the night is still young but that I should probably get to sleep anyway since I have homework that needs doing tomorrow (or rather today) morning.

The End.

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