August 14, 2011

Hello, Goodbye.

So like a whirlwind my summer in Washington DC materialized and then disappeared in a flash. Like everything else in this fast-paced year filled with adventure and new experiences, I’m slightly disoriented as I try to grapple for some form of a routine. Trite but true, I feel as though I just moved to Washington DC yesterday and now I once again must pack up my boxes to spend a week at home before I leave once again for Lafayette.

As my internship wrapped up, my schedule became increasingly hectic. It’s funny how that always seems to happen.  Anyways, in the last week I attended another meeting in which inventors presented new ideas for patent protection. The ante was upped for this meeting, as the inventions, one in particular that I worked on, were quite high profile. But really. Too bad I signed a non-disclosure agreement…As always, it was great to catch a glimpse behind the scenes at NIH. In addition, I also finished my patent manual, which ended up being around 60 pages. SINGLE SPACED. Although most definitely an arduous task at times, it was great to take home a copy of the manual. It did not hurt that my boss actually said, “Wow, we did not really expect something THIS comprehensive.” Impressing an employer- never a bad thing.

The decision to spend a semester in DC definitely proved to be a success. After spending the majority of the year in 2 different cities, I firmly know at this point in my life, a large city is the place for me. Although I’m unsure on exactly where I will end up or what I will be doing, I’m sure that I want spend my time in a bustling, energetic, and exciting environment. DC was a new city to explore. I’ll be honest, I didn’t fall in love with all things Washington DC, but I had a great time.

Intertwined through my summer blog was an underlying longing to return to Paris. Sadly, I could not fall in love with a city on this continent, but c’est la vie. There would have been so much more fodder for a blog written during my time abroad, but hopefully my experiences in DC were engaging and relatively entertaining. I have really had the best year of my life thus far and with the start of senior year and interim trip in the near future, I’m optimistic that the end of the year will be just as enjoyable and fast-paced.

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