November 2, 2011

Forget Nothing.

Every man’s life will fill a chest of books and if he’s lucky a million reels of film. Forget nothing lest yourself be forgotten.

                       -John Van De Ruit

I read this quote by the South African author John Van de Ruit years ago when I was stuck in an airport waiting for a connecting flight and I filed it away in the back of head, along with my dreams to become an astronaut and the ingredients required to create the greatest sandwich ever (Simon’s @ Kamine Hall now makes this for me on special demand when I ask for it 🙂 ). Now, as I am nearing the end of my college career, I have actually come to realize just how meaningful this quote actually is. I have had good weeks and bad ones here at Lafayette and my biggest regret is that I was too busy (and by busy I actually mean lazy) to actually document those memories.

I am not the kind of person who uploads a new, 200 photo album to facebook every fortnight. However, I do realize it’s time I started documenting those memories. So far this year, I have missed out on documenting homecoming weekend, RA programs that I have hosted for my residents, weekend trips to visit friends and general nights of merriment and frolicking on campus.

Prof. John Shaw getting into the Halloween Spirit.

So here is my solution – In the process, I have found some fun photos of things on campus that I know I will look back on and laugh. Like my professor in my Advanced Social Psychology Class on Halloween morning dressed as a convicted monster felon. Just so you know, we were studying the death penalty in class that week, which is why he was dressed as a convict on death row.




Door Decorations 🙂

Or these awesome door decorations that I made for my first year residents on move-in day.








Or this wonderful bulletin board I created for my residents so they could write out their aspiration, hopes and dreams.

Before I Graduate board for my first year residents.










This past weekend was also Family Weekend at Lafayette. Unfortunately, my parents have never been able to visit campus so for me this has always been a bit of a quiet weekend over the last three years. This year, we not only had Family Weekend and Halloween at the same time, we also had a huge snowstorm that kept me locked in my residence hall all day Saturday. The only time I stepped out was for 90 secs in the afternoon to pick up my Chinese food from the delivery guy outside :p

Even though I am living so far away from home and only get to see my house and my family rarely, I am happy to say that I have still always found solace and support here on campus when I needed it. One of the best support systems I have had on campus is the International Students Association (ISA). Through them, I have met some of my best and closest friends. I have had people help me adjust to a new lifestyle and a new country. I have made connections with people from different countries and different cultures who I never thought I would ever meet or get along with. And most importantly, I now have places to stay at when I plan my backpacking trip across the world.

That’s all for now, folks. In this next week, I will be busy doing research and data collection for a psychology lab report, planning and researching for two final papers, attending some brownbags and most importantly, travelling to Philadelphia to watch a music concert, celebrate some friends’ birthdays and hopefully hang out with 6-8 friends from Lafayette who graduated this past May and who are scattered throughout the country.

For now, I will get back to watching an episode of Modern Family and stuffing myself with leftover Halloween Candy.

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  1. And at least one friend who graduated in 2010…see you all tonight!

    says Hannah Smock
    November 4, 2011 at 8:49 am

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