March 16, 2012

England Tour, Day 4 – A Great Day in London

The field hockey team is spending spring break on a tour of England. Kristin Heaney ’14 and Mara Kish ’13 report on day 3 from London.

Lafayette field hockey playe Kristin Heaney

Kristin Heaney

We couldn’t have had a better trip so far and Tuesday was no exception! It was our first day to sightsee in London, so we split up and hit up all the major attractions. Each class went off together so we will give you the inside scoop on what the juniors and sophomores did before all meeting up for dinner and the theatre!

The sophomores started our day off by going to Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guards and see the balcony where the famous Royal Wedding kiss happened, as we have a few fans of Prince William and Duchess Catherine.  Next we walked alongside Hyde Park to find Knightsbridge for some shopping and lunch! Harrods was the destination we all had in mind, and we enjoyed every minute there (especially the time in the food hall with the chocolate!) After treating ourselves shopping we went to a really small and traditional English pub.  We ordered shepherds pies and house roasts at the expense of following the no cell phone policy.  It was great to experience real English cuisine and culture.

Our last stop on our own was to Covent Garden to check out the markets and square. We met up with some other field hockey girls while grabbing some touristy gifts for our families and friends (okay and ourselves too!)  As a group we had an amazing time seeing these famous sites, meeting local people, experiencing the culture and of course hanging out with the Gulas, Mrs. Viessman, and my Dad!! Personally, I was blissfully happy to be back to my old hometown and favorite city, and couldn’t be more thrilled that I got to revisit my favorite places in London with some of my favorite people.

For the juniors we started at Westminster Abbey. Next, we stopped by the Prime Minister’s house and walked down to the palace to see the changing of the guard. Then we hopped on the tube for some well-deserved shopping time in Picadilly and Oxford Circus. After grabbing fish’n chips at Garfunkle’s for a traditional English lunch, we then hit up the shops again, but not without a quick trip to Chinatown (it looks the same as any other Chinatown as noted by Jaclyn White). We then took a tea break after all that walking and finally found our way to the rest of the team at the restaurant.

After all of our exciting days we met up as a team with our parents and coaches in Little Italy, Soho for a delicious pre-theater meal! After expanding our stomachs with a three-course meal we were off to see Lady Killers- or so we thought. After some directional confusion and a slight detour  to the other end of the theater district, we made it to the play just a few minutes late. Lady Killers was a true British comedy which we knew was especially loved by Emily Valeo and Andrew Griffiths by their stand out laughs.

Although the play may have been targeted for a much older British crowd (reflected by our fellow audience members) it was still very entertaining, humorous and a great cultural experience. Our long day caught up with us on our train ride back to our hotel, so everyone was very happy to crawl into bed to prepare for another amazing day in London tomorrow. We couldn’t be luckier with the unusually nice weather, but also with the amazing days we’ve been having!

Check back in tomorrow to hear about Day Two in London and the results of our game!!!

P.S. The person responsible for leading the walk from the restaurant to the theater would like to sincerely apologize for their poor guiding- but knows you all secretly enjoyed walking off dinner AND taking the scenic route!

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