January 7, 2013

Fear #1: Flying

If you were to ask me about flying, I would have 3 words for you: NOT FOR ME.

I have to have flown at least 25 times in my life, but maybe it is my lack of control on the safety of the flight that makes me nervous. I used to get nervous 2 weeks before a trip.  Now, I only freak out for about a day before takeoff.

After telling my friend Steph about this, she said, “Don’t worry, we only have 6 flights on this trip!”

SIX FLIGHTS?!?! I am sorry, but that is six more than I ever want to take in my lifetime. But, in order to do exciting things, you have to take risks, so I boarded the first flight to Houston, TX.  After some unexpected turbulence, Stacy holding my hand during takeoffs, landings, and any turbulence, and an awkward encounter with the grad student sitting next to me when we accidentally held hands as we both grabbed for the arm rest during a sudden dip, and let’s just say a rough landing, the day was off to just a fantastic start.

The second flight to Quito was much better, but there was a lightning storm going on outside.  Just what I needed: a lightning storm.  Great, my second biggest fear of all time at the same time as an airplane ride. The day couldn’t get any better.  Despite the rough patches, we did get to see a beautiful sunset from above the clouds and finally landed around 11pm, all in one piece (although my heart was beating at least twice as fast as when I left and it was NOT due to the altitude medication!).

Despite the initial issues, from the moment when we touched land, the last 24 hours have been fantastic.  We have had the chance of standing at the Equator and seeing rock formations like none I have ever seen before.

Two students stand on either side of the Equator in Ecuador

Steph and me standing on either side of the yellow mark showing the Equator!

If the rest of this trip is as good as the first day, I guess those flights were worth it.  Only 4/6 flights to go!

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  1. So glad you made it safely! (I’d worry more about the hairpin curves in the Andes Mts. on the bus rides!) Good luck to you all!

    says Peggy
    January 9, 2013 at 8:32 am

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