February 5, 2013

The Start of a Great Semester Abroad!

The first few weeks of Madrid have been fantastic!

I am new to Voices on Lafayette’s website, but I am glad to have such a fantastic opportunity to talk about all the great things we are doing in Spain!

I am on a program that is unique to Lafayette. I have never heard of a school that can guarantee its engineering students’ on-time graduation and an amazing abroad experience like the one I am on. Here in Madrid I am with around 20 other Lafayette students.

The city life in Madrid is simply amazing; great weather and sights to see during the day. Then at night there are endless tapas (traditional Spanish small plates of food) and places to go! So far, we have visited some great places with the Lafayette group, some ancient Spanish cities with rich cultures like Toledo, Segovia, and El Escorial. This just got us started on the traveling mode. My classmates and I have already (collectively speaking) traveled all around Europe; just in the past two weekends people have flown to such places as the U.K., Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

My friend Chris and I kept it simple. We traveled to the awesome city of Barcelona! Below you can see a cool picture I took along the boardwalk of el Port Vell. A beautiful place, you can also clearly tell that this city held the summer games in the 1992 Olympics! So this week we are all going to a flamenco show with a free dinner paid for by our program. Then later, several international students will be traveling with a company called European Vibe this weekend to experience a carnival in Cadiz, Spain! Next week a little summary of all of this week’s events! Hasta luego.

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