April 8, 2013

Finally taking it all in! ¡Madrid es precioso!

Dear Lafayette Blog!

I am happy but also sorry to inform you that life is much busier than I could have ever expected while abroad. For now, let me share some of the stories of the adventures here!

I have gotten to continue to travel over spring break to many southern Spanish cities; Malaga, Sevilla, Barcelona just to name a few! I even got to see the Gilbraltar’s rock! Below you will see a small photo collection from these trips. Something that has been consistent no matter where I travel in Spain is the amazing kindness and hospitality that we receive. I would like to think a lot of the United States is similar in that sense too! I can’t wait to spend my final month avoiding travel and taking in the unique culture in Madrid!


There are many beautiful sights to see, and Madrid has had so much to offer. I find that the culture is more forward thinking and more hospitable.

In other great news, I was recently notified by Lafayette that I have been awarded a spot in the Grossman House for Global Perspectives! This was an integral part of my Fall Semester 2012 experience, and I am glad to join again as a junior.

Grossman House is a unique residential experience that has 8 spots for international students, 8 spots for students have studied abroad, and 8 spots for students who wish to study abroad in the future. This mix of student personality causes an environment where cultures and ideas mingle that cannot be reproduced elsewhere. It will remind me somewhat of Spain away from Spain.

Anyways, in the remaining weeks of the semester I hope to post as often as once or twice a week. There are many great stories to tell, and I would be going on for pages just to share it all.

Also, something to remember for any prospective students out there reading this, the amount of flexibility Lafayette has given me to pursue my goals for my college career (and study abroad) has been amazing, and I highly suggest you take a second, or third look at Lafayette! After all, I am a tour guide on campus, and I had to give my two cents. Cheers for now!

Be back soon!

Matt Schultheiss

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