May 2, 2013

Fan Clubs

I’m not being made to brag about Lafayette. This isn’t marketing fluff. This is me telling you about things that make me profoundly happy. The most recent one of these events happened on the sidewalk on my way back from class.

First, however, some advice: go to a school where you can form bonds. While old bonds and connections are great, new bonds are better. Then you have more. You also never know who you might have a relationship with. Pretty straightforward, yes? You may also want to choose your paths in life (major, minor, career, workplace) based on how easy it is for you to start relationships within these areas.

Take my time at Lafayette for example. While I’ve been here I’ve formed bonds with faculty in French, Philosophy, Religion, the Post Office, Psychology, and most of all Anthropology-Sociology. After taking only one class with a professor and experiencing the ups and downs of tests, quizzes, and attendance, all of them remember me. They say hi, they tell me about their research, they recommend books and classes. My favorite example happened this week when I ran into a professor that had me for one class three years ago. She stopped, said hello, remembered my name, and then said: “By the way, I voted for you for the Pepper Prize.”

The George Wharton Pepper Prize is a prestigious award for seniors. While I’m not a senior and therefore not in the running, her confidence in me made me smile. She expressed the same confidence in me during Freshman Year Seminar and she has ever since. I keep a low profile on campus and I certainly don’t have a perfect GPA but despite all this, many of my professors have taken the time to form relationships and see me realize my potential- even when I thought we didn’t get along. This means the world to me and it could mean the world to you. Find a place where people want to see you grow. Find your fan club.

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