August 7, 2013

Welcome to Belgrade

Eddie and I have this great opportunity to participate in the BOMA program. We have just finished our 3-week adventure in Belgrade, Serbia (my home town) and will be going to NYC during the winter break (to visit Eddie’s family).

In my blog post series I will be talking about my experiences of seeing Belgrade and the environment I grew up in through some completely different lens as Eddie and I were roaming through our adventure.

Most of the things will be related to the main differences I noticed between the USA and Serbian way of living. Noticing these differences arose from having a friend from a different environment eager to learn. Just by answering all the questions, I got the opportunity to see these differences clearer for my self.

Moreover, I will be talking about the idea of traveling a lot and not spending enough time in one place. I will explain why I prefer going to smaller places and not-so-mainstream tourist destinations.

I will conclude the story about Serbia in the only manner that is acceptable: I will reflect on how much it influenced me and my points of view. I will be able to tell you where I see myself 30 years from now.

But until all of this, here is a picture of Eddie and me, welcoming you to Belgrade!
Eddie and Djordje stand in front of a statue and domed building Belgrade, Serbia.

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  1. Can’t wait…Keep the stories and insights coming!

    says Janine Block
    August 17, 2013 at 7:36 am

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