August 20, 2013

Amigas in Ocean City!

Michelle poses for a picture with pink flowers in Ocean City, New Jersey

Ocean City flora

It was a beautiful 83 degrees today here in Ocean City, New Jersey! Michelle and I did not let it go to waste. At 8:00 am, we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast made by the husband and wife who own the bed and breakfast we’re staying at. There was freshly sliced fruit, Nutella, bread, cereal, yogurt, and piping hot coffee. The best part, however, was the eggs. The husband is Colombian, so he had prepared eggs cooked “Latin-style” (sunny side up with soft yolks) in little individual pans. The wife served each of us our eggs and announced, “Buen provecho!” which means “Enjoy your meal!”

After breakfast, it was time to get ready for a day of sunning and swimming at the beach. We packed a lunch, grabbed a couple of beach towels, nearly bathed in sunscreen, and hopped on our bikes to ride to the boardwalk. We pedaled leisurely down the wooden path, past all of the shuffling tourists and busy storefronts. We nearly reached the end when we noticed a section of beach that seemed considerably less crowded than other areas. After parking and locking up our bicycles, we walked out on the sand, laid down our towels, and worked on our tans! For about 5 hours, we alternated between soaking up the sun and swimming in the ocean, which was a new experience for Michelle. At the beginning, she walked into the water tentatively, gasping from the cold and eyeing the waves nervously. It wasn’t long before both of us were diving headlong into the crashing waves and dodging the flailing arms of other swimmers.

Michelle and Paige stand in the water in Ocean City, New Jersey

Into the ocean!

When we decided that we had had enough sun and swimming for one day, we met my parents on the boardwalk and went to get a slice of pizza from the famous Manco & Manco pizza restaurant. When I first told Michelle the name of the place, she asked me to repeat it, thinking I had said “Mango & Mango.” I repeated the name for her, but she continued to look a bit perplexed. She told me that in Spanish, the word “manco” translates “a man lacking (at least) one hand,” or “lazy person.” I could not stop laughing as I imagined a man without hands attempting to make a pizza. I told my parents this information, and they found it just as funny as I did. We didn’t end up seeing any one-handed workers in the restaurant, for the record.

Tonight is our last night in Ocean City. After our busy day, it will be nice to relax and watch a movie while snacking on some caramel popcorn we bought at the boardwalk. Our time here went by quickly, but the memories we’ve made over the past few days will not fade; hopefully our sunburns will.

Great day!

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