September 19, 2013

Lucky Day!


Ready for more exciting news brought to you straight from Costa Rica? I hope so!

This weekend we only had a Saturday day-trip planned, so we had Friday afternoon and Sunday free, which has actually been really nice. I think I needed the time to refresh myself and breathe a little more deeply.

As I said in my previous post, we’ve had some internet issues. Not having internet gets old really fast. I felt so disconnected, incapable, and dependent. It’s sort of fascinating to acknowledge just how dependent on the internet we are. My host family has recognized this too, and is extremely frustrated at the lack of results they are getting. Hopefully this will change soon, but until then, just because there is no internet, doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do!

On Friday, Sammi and I decided to go on a roommate-date. After a productive gym session to work up our appetites, we cleaned ourselves up and set out on an adventure. In her guidebook, I found the name of a delicious-sounding bakery not too far away. I had looked up directions while at school, so we decided to head out and give it a shot.

A view from a hill with white clouds and blue sky in Costa Rica

View from the hill

We didn’t get lost! We had to hike up a MAJOR hill, but we actually made it… only to find that the bakery was closed between 12 and 2, and of course it was 1 o’clock. However, we would not be defeated! We remembered passing an Italian restaurant on our way, so we decided to make our way back there and give it a try. On our way, we passed a really beautiful view, including some ominous clouds that we were hoping to beat to the restaurant.

The restaurant was so cute! The perfect place for a cozy new meal shared with my roommate. We were actually sort of glad the other place had been closed. The prices weren’t exorbitant, but the place wasn’t cheap, either, so we decided to split a pasta dish.

I don’t want to bash on our host mother’s cooking, she truly is an incredible cook, and we’ve loved all of her meals, but they are Costa Rican. Both of us have missed more variety in genre. This pasta dish did not fail to provide. We also got 4 pieces of the absolutely divine garlic bread. I’m pretty sure it was homemade bread. pasta  with pesto and topped with walnuts, pine nuts, and fresh ParmesanAnd the pasta – tossed in a light but flavorful pesto that had the perfect balance of oil and basil, and was delicately topped with walnuts, pine nuts, and fresh Parmesan that melted as you ate, it was beyond scrumptious. While we ate, the rain arrived. Since the restaurant wasn’t busy, we didn’t feel rushed, and we enjoyed ourselves, talking and taking pictures and being us. We then decided to go for a dessert too.

A Nutella-filled crepe, topped with a chocolate covered scoop of vanilla gelato

We got nutella-filled crepes, topped with a chocolate covered scoop of vanilla gelato. Oh-My-Wow. We didn’t make it to the bakery, but we still got an unbelievable dessert! It was gone in two minutes, and by the time we were finished, the rain had eased to a light drizzle! Talk about great luck!

That night, we accompanied our host mom to her son Luis’s school for their presentation regarding Costa Rica’s Independence. (The 15th marked their celebration of independence).

School children playing musical instruments march in a parade in Costa Rica

A school's classroom doors and hallway are decorated

They also decorated all the classrooms based off of the different provinces of Costa Rica!

All the kids participated in a parade with “Faroles”, or lanterns, and then made a presentation. It was quite enjoyable. There was singing, dancing, and speeches about Costa Rica’s fight for independence and what it means to be independent and free. Parts of it were actually quite inspiring. Once again, Sammi and I brought great luck, as the threatening storm waited until we had arrived back right at our house. Who needs internet to have a great day?

What a lovely day. Until next time!

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  1. I just had lunch but after reading this I am starving. Can’t wait to get to Costa Rica and eat like there is no tomorrow.

    Remember Rebecca, you still are going to have to fit in the airplane seat to come home.

    says Rich
    September 21, 2013 at 1:07 pm

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