September 29, 2013

You Made My Week, Mom

This has been the best week yet. Why? One simple reason, my mother visited. Yes, this is a very big deal. Firstly, my mother has never gotten the chance to visit this campus since I started college here. Secondly, in the wake of a seemingly depressing week, her presence made every bad experience go away.

The bond that my mother and I have is unbreakable. We came to this country together and have almost never spent a long time apart. No other person, not even any of my siblings, have spent as much time with my mother as I have. That is why seeing her this week for the short couple hours has made this week much better.

Of course, I had to take her to the best of the best of restaurants when she came….Pearly Baker’s! Yes, she complained about me having to spend money on her, but i just assured her that it was her day. Then, we walked to campus, up that leg breaking hill, then toured this amazing campus. She was of course fascinated and I could not help but brag about all the resources this campus has to offer. That’s besides the point. Spending time with my mother really gave me a boost of confidence. It was as if my energy spent during this whole week had been replenished.

About two hours later she had to go, which was a sad but reassuring moment. Walking back to campus after that made me think of how much I appreciated being here at Lafayette. To think that my mother never had what I have now humbles me and most importantly allows me to realize why she looks to me to be the difference maker in my family. No one else in my immediate family has what I have. To be honest, sometimes it feels as if I don’t deserve all that I have now because of how often I take it for granted. My mother’s visit had brought me back, mentally and emotionally.

What happens now? I just have to make sure that this new attitude lasts throughout this week and, hopefully, throughout this semester until the next time I go home. I’m definitely looking forward to class tomorrow and whatever challenges presents themselves. Before I forget, I will be taking my driving test, after classes are done. Wish me luck.

That is all. Thanks, mom, for making this week so great!20130928_164542 (1)

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