October 7, 2013

Avoid the Hospital After a Day of Fun

Me at the event~

Me at the event~

I meant to get this done on Sunday but ended up in an unexpected trip to the hospital. This post won’t be as long-winded as the others, as not much happened this week, and I am still recovering. I guess I can talk a bit about my week though, as some interesting things happened last week. Earlier last week, I had a lot of school work and papers, etc. I find myself spending most of my time on that kind of stuff. I think I have more schoolwork here than I do in the U.S. It’s definitely something to get used to. I neglected my health this past month, which is what put me in the hospital yesterday. Japanese hospitals are scary when you’re out of it and you can’t communicate in English, let alone Japanese. I was lucky and had my friend with me because we had gone to a cosplay event earlier that day.

Japanese Fashion....worn by me I guess

Japanese Fashion….worn by me, I guess

Anyway, things last week got interesting on Thursday. I went shopping because the weather went from super hot to super cold and rainy. I didn’t bring much by way of fall clothing, so I got to go shopping. I love clothing in Japan. I feel like here you can get away with things that you usually can’t get away with in America. Cute dresses and hats and silk shirts with frilly sleeves in the U.S. would be considered childish if a 20-something tried to wear them. But in Japan, both males and females dress younger. One strange thing I found acceptable here that would get you ridiculed in the U.S. is thigh-high socks. In the U.S., it’s considered provocative to wear them…or so I’ve heard. But in Japan, everyone wears them because people would rather cover more than show all of their legs. I actually like being able to wear thigh-high socks. The way a lot of people do it here is with nude stockings under them, so it’s still modest.

On Thursday, I also got the chance to hang out with my new friend from the Capcom bar (Onitsuka-san). We didn’t go drinking or anything (even though I am old enough here, I am not into drinking for fun), but we went to Karaoke. Karaoke booths are normal in Japan. You (and others you are with) get your own booth, and you can just sing, talk, order food, and drinks until your time is up Some people who miss the last train actually do all-night Karaoke so they have a place to stay. It was really fun though! He was so happy that we were on the same train line, and I was  surprised that someone else lived in my area (I live in the middle of nowhere). And he was really sweet, carrying all the stuff I bought earlier. It is really fun meeting random people here, to be completely honest. I am obviously careful, but it’s always fun to get to test my Japanese and get better at speaking. As a foreigner, I find that random people will try to talk to you for any reason. Even when I was waiting for Onitsuka-san, I had two people try to talk to me. It’s always amusing to see who appears each day.

At the cosplay event with my friend Dianna who essentially saved my life on Sunday night.

At the cosplay event with my friend Dianna, who essentially saved my life on Sunday night

On the Sunday before I went to the hospital, I went to another event. This one was smaller than TGS, and this time I went with my friend Dianna, who I knew from the U.S.  We decided the day before on what outfits we were doing and got everything we needed the day before. In America, you usually need months to plan for an event like this. We couldn’t get over how we were able to do this the day before. “Only in Japan!” is what we kept saying as we laughed about our situation.

Odaiba!  (AKA the Digimon set)

Odaiba! (AKA the Digimon set)

The event was in Odaiba’s Tokyo Big Site.  When I got to the roof of the event site and looked out, my heart stopped, as I was in awe! But for the wrong reason….my geek heart was screaming at me: “OH MY GOD! DIGIMON ADVENTURE SETTING!” Haha! I only watched Digimon recently, so it’s still fresh in my mind. The anime actually took place in the same place pictured to the right.  Just imagine half of that destroyed by the end of each season, and that’s Digimon.

Highlight of the event for me!  Yamada kun to 7-nin no Majo cosplay!

Highlight of the event for me! Yamada kun to 7-nin no Majo cosplay!

Outside of my geekiness though, it was a beautiful view and an amazing location.  The event was a lot more fun with a friend with me. I noticed that since there were two of us, a lot of people were more wary. I think it’s because, unlike TGS, we were the only foreigners in the entire event. It came down to a question of “do we talk to them/can they talk to us” kind of thing. However, we ended up making friends who were cosplaying the same thing as us. Furthermore, I got to make friends with a cosplayer who was cosplaying one of my favorite series ever. She was Shiraishi from Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo. I have not seen any cosplay from this series before, not even on the Internet. So I was really happy and it was definitely the highlight of my day yesterday.

After the event is when I got sick. I was fine during the event and up until the middle of dinner. My friend and I had been making jokes, and I started to feel incredibly sick. At the end of all of it, I was stuck with a giant bruise from the IV and a huge hospital bill, even with the National Health Insurance. Anyway, there really isn’t much to talk about this week.  I tried to make this one interesting, but it wasn’t.

Until next week~

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