October 13, 2013

Pumpkin Festival on Fall Break

After a long week of midterm exams and saying goodbyes to my friends leaving home for fall break, I finally had some time to unwind a little and enjoy the beautiful fall colors. While I typically love travelling to other places during breaks, the idea of staying on campus like so many other friends and catching up on some sleep seemed tempting enough.

The weather has been nice so far and Lafayette’s campus has not disappointed me with its gorgeous trees that come in all shades of fall. On Friday night, some international and local students who stayed on campus had dinner together and played some board games for a while. I also made some new friends, which is always a good thing. Sometimes, I realize that it is hard to be the first to start a conversation with a person you don’t know yet but in reality once you do so, everything falls right into place and you talk like you’ve known each other for quite some time.  One of the new students I met this way is Iris – she is from China and is majoring in Psychology. Her perspective on things is totally different from mine and quite appealing to me.

One of the other good things about staying on campus besides getting to know other students is learning how to cook for myself. If you’re not quite in the mood to cook for yourself, you are always invited to cook in a group with your friends, which is usually a lot more fun. This also gives me an opportunity to observe how others cook and learn new techniques from people that come from different households and possibly different cultures than I do.

My residence hall is Ramer Hall. The first floor is a special interest floor called CHANCE. Chance stands for Creating Harmony and Necessary Care for Everyone. My floor is small and the residents are closely bonded. I like it here because I feel comfortable hanging out in the lounge with my floor mates and watching TV. At times there are people singing in the lounge; at other times they do their homework or simply cook in the common kitchen. On Sundays, usually a few of us make Sunday breakfast. Each of us makes something different and we share it with each other. It’s my favorite time and I look forward to it every week.

You might have realized by now that I am a people person. I love interaction with people, and the community. Today, some of my friends and I went to a pumpkin festival at Raub Farms, a short drive from the campus. We went on a hayride, a corn maze, enjoyed the Easton High School band playing music and got to pet some cats and goats. We also bought some pumpkins for Halloween. I enjoyed it very much.

As someone from Afghanistan these experiences are so enjoyable and new to me that I am always amazed by how friendly people are and how eager they are to share their culture with me. To compare this experience with Afghanistan – although we have farms back home, we don’t use it for fun activities as such.  The ability to have such unique experiences gives me a different perspective and makes me appreciate my time at Lafayette even more.


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