October 26, 2013

If Earth is Invaded by Aliens, They’ll Start with Tachikawa

Japanese Pumpkin Pie, a pastry in the shape of a pumpkin

Japan Pumpkin Pie

I was super afraid I would have nothing to write about.  There were two typhoons this weekend, a 7.3 earthquake last night AND I had bronchitis all week.  But boy I was wrong.  I am gonna start a little earlier in the week and talk about the holiday season and then go into why Tachikawa is so amazing as well as the cosplay event I went to.  Anyways, Halloween is around the corner.  Japan doesn’t really “do” Halloween the same way we do.  But since everyone here seems to like to dress up all cute and special on whatever occasion they can, people dress up and go to Halloween parties, etc.

Limited Edition pumpkin and crepe chocolate ice cream

Limited Edition pumpkin and crepe chocolate ice cream…thing

Pumpkin pie and pumpkin anything are like an exclusively October and Halloweenish thing here (as opposed to the U.S. where it’s all Autumn).  That being said, even with my bronchitis I have been indulging in all the pumpkin stuff.  My friend from America also came here.  We went to Milkyway and had their limited edition parfait (pictured right).  It was actually really interesting.  Still like….super amazed with what Japan does with their sweets and desserts haha.

A Christmas tree with ornaments and presents at the bottom

Christmas before Halloween

Another interesting thing is how early Christmas is here too!  Tokyuu hands already started their Christmas sales.  I am half Jewish, so I’ve always celebrated both Hanukkah and Christmas. I’ve always noticed Christmas starting earlier and earlier.  However, Christmas in Japan really isn’t a religious thing.  It’s a huge “date” night for couples though and everyone here shares a Christmas cake.  It’s kind of like another reason to be festive.  It doesn’t have a similar meaning.

Marlene First and her friend Shiro

My friend Shiro and Myself

So, onto Tachikawa Anican.  My friend, pictured with me to the right, suggested we go.  I live really close to Tachikawa. In fact, the bus from my house here goes straight to Tachikawa station.  So many things made us almost cancel too (the typhoons, my bronchitis, the 7.3 earthquake which my dad freaked out about haha).  But we decided to cosplay from a series that takes place IN Tachikawa, Gatchaman Crowds.  When we got to the event it was raining.  We changed into our cosplay, and walked a bit.  We saw a seiyuu I had briefly met this summer, Inoue Kazuhiko, and then we went to take photos.

Marlene First dressed as the character RuiRui poses with someone dressed as RuiRui's seiyuu, Ayumu Murase

Me as RuiRui and RuiRui’s seiyuu, Ayumu Murase

While taking photos, the most awesome, strangest, omg thing happened.  I met the seiyuu for the character I was cosplaying as.  He was sneaking around the event on his own and he came up to my friend and I and complemented our cosplay. We were like “Who are you?” and he’s like “I am the real RuiRui” and then we cried.  We spoke briefly, I got to tell him I was looking forward to his upcoming role in Haikyuu and we took pictures together.  I was so happy omg.

Marlene's Gatchaman Crowds Goods

My Gatchaman Crowds Goods

My friend and I also got to walk around Tachikawa in our cosplays and collected stamps to win a prize.  We went to a bunch of locations that appeared in the anime too!  I got a handful of goods from the series including a clear file (was actually thinking of buying one for my school work), a handful of postcards, a PaiPai plushie (he was my favorite character in the series.  So cute *^*), and the Note (ノート)of the character I am cosplaying as from the same series in February.

Tachikawa Monorail

Tachikawa Monorail

Also during the event, a bunch of the Gatchaman seiyuu and staff appeared on stage.  I got to see a seiyuu live who I never thought I would ever see or hear outside of the computer screen: Miyano Mamoru.  He voiced the villain of the series, the character my friend was cosplaying as.  It was so cool to hear him speak and see him live.  Just a few days ago, I was making fun of him on youtube haha.  I am a huge fan of him too though so it’s okay.

Tachikawa Lumine (appeared in Gatchaman Crowds)

Tachikawa Lumine (appeared in Gatchaman Crowds)

I never realized just how close I lived to Tachikawa.  The bus I take to the station comes here a lot and it’s really, really close.  My town is super suburban so I didn’t think something like this would be this close. It’s like the “Central Tokyo of western Tokyo” kind of thing.  There are a ton of department stores, cool sky bridges and passage ways.  It’s a pretty busy city.  It was also fun walking around the city as our characters too.  Most of my photoshoots are in Manhattan, so getting to cosplay in the actual location was pretty awesome.

The board that the main villain hacks when he is destroying Tachikawa.

The board that the main villain hacks when he is destroying Tachikawa.

Overall, today was a pretty amazing day.  I did a lot, got to see a lot of cool things, got to meet Ayumu-chan (omg still can’t get over this at all), got a PaiPai plushie, and went to a pretty cool place I’ve never been to before.  I am thinking of going back to take pictures just cause.  It was a really nice city and there was a trading card shop.  One of my hobbies is Cardfight!! Vanguard, so maybe I can go to Tachikawa instead of Shinjuku or something.  Cheaper and closer.

What was also a great surprise was seeing all of the obscure cosplay.  Yes, there was a lot of Naruto cosplay because Inoue Kazuhiko was there, but so much Gatchaman Crowds.  It was a high budget series but it can’t be called “mainstream.”  So it was fun seeing all the Gatchaman Crowds people just like my friend and I.  She was one of two Katzes though.  There were a ton of RuiRuis.


Until next week because my bronchitis medicine is making me super drowsy.

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  1. I have been reading all your blogs and I know that I am biased because I am your grandfather, but I really think they are wonderful and well written. They give you a real feeling of being in Japan. I think that when you finish with your blogs you should attempt to put them together for a book. I will buy the first one published. Your grandmother and I are worried about your health so please take care of yourself. All our love.

    says David First
    November 5, 2013 at 12:31 pm

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