October 27, 2013

Pseudo-Halloween, Pumpkin Carving, Epiphanies…and More Work

Huh, what a week. This week has been a roller coaster ride for me. It started with a lab and ended the same way, for a total of 4 labs. Fortunately, my last lab turned out to be more interesting than I had anticipated. We got to meet weird lobster-like creatures called crayfish. Apparently, we will soon be putting these poor creatures into an arena to fight, in an effort to study their aggression and hostility. That is something to look forward to.

Besides being burdened with labs, this weekend provided me with a chance to put my mind to rest. As I woke up on Saturday, I was somehow compelled to stroll the streets of downtown Easton. Little did I know that they were having their annual scarecrow contest. No, I did not bother to join the competitive festivities. Instead I decided that while I was there that I might as well get myself a haircut.

As I went inside the barber shop, I instantly felt everyone staring at me. Trying my best not to look uncomfortable, I nodded to whomever I dared make eye contact with and immediately found a seat to sit in. Awaiting my turn, I could not help but listen to the conversations that the barbers and customers (they must have been “regulars”) were saying. All they talked about was the latest news (gossip) and government conspiracies, yet I felt immersed in their conversation.

Mind you, this was the kind of social setting that was dominated by males. The flow of their conversations made me feel as if I should have input, but I kept my mouth shut from lack of insightful contribution. Being in that setting felt good; anyone was free to laugh and joke, and share what they thought, like a brotherhood of people with mutual respect. After my haircut, I felt compelled to get to know these people more, to spend more time with them and become a part of the community that they had established within this barbershop. I guess it’s true that a barbershop is a place where men can be free to be…..men.

Besides that intriguing experience, I also got to spend time with my amazing RA staff members at a pumpkin carving event at one of the Deans’ house (his name escapes me at the moment).

carved jack-o-lantern pumpkinsmore carved jack-o-lantern pumpkins

Of course, I came there with the notion that this would be another one of those attempts to get RAs to collaborate and socialize. Though that is what happened, it also allowed me to get to see some of my staff members in a different light.

One of the many reasons why I enjoy being an RA is because I have a supportive staff. We all support each other in every way possible and have grown closer with each time we all get together. What other staff members have dinner with each other every week? Mine do, and I’m proud to say so. Furthermore, it saddens me to think that soon we won’t be staff members anymore, that we will all be put into different groups and not be able to bust parties together, send each other annoying group messages, and be there for each other in any situation. But, I guess that’s a part of the process, moving on. We still have many more months to go before we part ways though. For now, I will cherish every moment I get to spend with them.

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