November 7, 2013

Homesickness, Diligence, and Dublin

As I type it is 4:46 p.m. in the London borough of Lewisham.  That would make it about…11:46 (now 47) back home.  I’ll be honest, I have had a few pangs of homesickness recently, but that is to be expected.  I of course miss my friends and family, but I am also missing my favorite restaurant, Cali Burrito (in Allentown, about a 30 minute drive from Lafayette College – HIGHLY recommend it), I am missing the peacefulness of my neighborhood, I miss my dogs, and I miss the beautiful climate of autumn in eastern Pennsylvania.  I suppose I will have to bury those feelings in mounds and mounds of delicious curry, fantastic theater, and the solace I get from not being the worst player on the basketball team for once.

I am writing this post from the Goldsmiths Library and I WISH I could take a photo of what I am looking at right now and attach it, unfortunately I did not bring a camera with me.  It is the equivalent of fall break here, as I likely mentioned in one of my previous posts, it is called “reading week.”  Now, I previously assumed that during reading week the vast majority of students would be traveling but what I am looking at right now is forcing me to trash that assumption.  In the main hall of the library EVERY seat is taken by a student diligently (I think) working, people are bustling through the many sequences of books, headphones are on, coffee (and tea) is hot, and it seems that papers are getting churned out one by one.

Now, I am in no way saying that American students are lazy, although, trust me – if you go to the library during fall break (is the library even open during fall break?!), you will NOT see this many people.  What I am saying is that based on the structure of assessment here, students have adapted different techniques to finish their work, i.e. spending nearly an entire week writing essays.  My experience in America is that if you put in a little work each day you will be fine.  I am doing a little experiment during my time abroad in which I will be doing little bits and pieces of work daily rather than cramming an entire semester’s worth of work in one week…we will see how it goes.  As for now, I am going to submit this blog post and put in a little bit of work on a research proposal.

Oh, and the attached photo is of Wes Von Dassow, a good friend of mine from Lafayette College, and myself standing in the Gravity Bar on top of the Guinness Factory overlooking Dublin, Ireland.  If you are considering studying abroad I probably don’t need to tell you to travel at least once or twice while you are here, that should already be on your to-do list.

Kenny Morse and fellow student and friend Wes Von Dassow in Dublin

Dublin — what a beautiful place!

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  1. I will ship one Old Monterey and one Santa Barbara across the Pond.

    says Amy Morse
    November 12, 2013 at 7:00 am
  2. LOL re: “is the library even open during fall break?!” … I never thought about it before but I’m at my 3rd institution of higher learning and I have no idea.

    says Emily
    November 12, 2013 at 9:11 am
  3. I love reading your blogs (and I miss you, too). See you in about a month!

    says Aunt Ayssa
    November 12, 2013 at 6:40 pm

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