November 10, 2013

Reflecting on the Present, for a Better Future

Less than a month left until the end of classes, yet everything still feels even more daunting, which is reasonably so. Thankfully, next semester is right around the corner. With the change of plans for the future comes with a change of decisions with classes. A long-held realization that this semester’s classes do not reflect my intellectual curiosity has made made me reflect on how I plan to satisfy that with the upcoming semester.

It’s true that you tend to work harder when doing the things you love, in this case, when taking the classes you enjoy. However, there is an element of added pressure because I will have to declare a major next semester. Talking to other students in my year who have changed their decisions from being pre-med to something totally different has made me wonder if I will be the same, and if so, when will that happen? The sooner, the better; with my mind made up, I would be able to live a stress-free academic life.

In thinking about what major to pursue, I attended an alumni dinner panel, with alums who had majored in the sciences but were not necessarily doctors. During the duration of the event, I had heard enough opposing advice to split my mind in two. But, one thing that was said to me that keeps repeating itself like a broken recorder was the statement that “everything will work itself out.” Reassuring as it sounds, I couldn’t held but think if it really would. If everything will work itself out, then why the heck is it taking so long, what’s with the wait? I guess I just have to have faith that it will.

I do believe that next semester will be one of many defining moments-to-come at Lafayette for myself. Every time I think about it, everything feels right. I know that I won’t repeat the same mistakes I made this semester. I guess that since I am no psychic, I will just have to wait and see things through to how I’d like them to be. If all goes well, then fall of my junior year will fall right in place, with my going abroad and coming back with new insights and a more reassuring sense of self identity.

While all of these thoughts were forming, I received an email from one of my favorite former instructors, one who currently lives and teaches in India. In thinking of my future plans for going abroad, things seem to line up appropriately. For instance, if I travel abroad with my program of interest, then I will give myself an opportunity to see this person who has made an impact on my educational experiences. For now, I will have to just finish this semester strong and hope that the next will be even better so that I will be able to experience this amazing sight once again:

The Taj Mahal in India

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