November 10, 2013

What Matters the Most

After meeting Paige’s extended family in a super fun gathering, I realized that the connection Paige has with her family deeply intrigued me.  I have always known that Paige highly valued and prioritized her family, but I really wanted to understand the connection and dynamics among her closest family members.  The more I spent time with them, the better I got to know them through the insightful conversations we had every day.

It was the fourth day I was visiting Paige that her parents decided to take us to see a Christian play called “Noah” at Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster. We had to leave early in the morning to get brunch at a restaurant called the “Shady Maple Smorgasbord,” which is an Amish restaurant near the theater.  During the drive there, Paige’s parents explained to me the history of the Amish people in their area and showed me some of their houses and “cars” along the road.  I was very surprised to learn about their lifestyle and the traditions they embrace since they are so different from the ones I have seen so far in the U.S. and home.

Paige Triola poses for a photo at the Shady Maple Smorgasbord in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

When we arrived at the restaurant, we got to meet some Amish people since they were working at the buffet restaurant.  They were very friendly and kind to all of us during our visit.  They took us to a table and showed us where the food court was.

The food court was much bigger than what I was expecting.  There was so much food and so many different dishes that it was hard to choose what to eat.  Paige helped me choose what we consider some of the most “American” type dishes that were not the stereotypical fast food kind.  The food was delicious and surpassed my expectations.

While we were eating, Paige’s parents told us a little about their families when they were growing up and the traditions they had, which were similar to mine.  In Paige’s family, “family” and God are always before everything else.  When we finished eating it was time for us to go to the play.

We got to the theater right before the show started.  The show was sold out and the theater was completely packed.  Once the performance started, I was amazed. I love performing arts, and I found the quality of the performance to be very impressive.  “Noah” was one of my favorite stories when I was a child, so seeing it acted out on stage was a wonderful experience.  All of the music, acting, stage preparation, and lighting were so professional and detailed.

Friends Michelle and Paige pose for a photo in the audience at the production of "Noah" at the Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

When we got back to Paige’s house, we made dinner together and waited for her siblings to come back from work to tell them all about Shady Maple and the play.  As always, whenever we spend time together, it is so natural and easy to talk about pretty much everything.

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