November 26, 2013

The Last Week of Classes Sucks No Matter What Country You’re In

Marlene First puts on her new glasses

Bought new Glasses

Well, last week was the second to last week of school, but I don’t expect much from this week either.  I really haven’t been doing much as things have seriously quieted down with all the work I have to do.  I finalized my new living situation for after the semester ends and my home stay is up, so I guess that is good.  Honestly trying to remember what I did last week and all I can remember is school, school, school and more school.

On Friday I got to see a friend from Lafayette who graduated a year and a half ago.  He actually did the same study abroad program I am doing now so that’s interesting I guess.  I bought new glasses today which was surprisingly very, very easy.  I picked out frames and they measured the power of my old glasses and voila! They knew my prescription and were able to give me new glasses.  Only problem is that my insurance covers most of my glasses at home so they were a bit more expensive ’cause of my strange eyesight (My eyesight is that of a person 3 times my age). 

A poster of five anime basketball players from Kuroko

Won a Poster from UFO Catcher

Another friend also came back from America to Japan.  She is a cosplay friend and is actually from here.  She is visiting home over her school’s Thanksgiving Break.  P.S. kiiiiiiiinda happy I am not home for Thanksgiving this year.  I don’t like eating all that food and with Hanukkah at the same time it seems like it would be sort of a pain.  Anyways, we met in Ikebukuro and went to the Game Centers there.

a plastic figure of the basketball player character Ahomine from the anime Kuroko


I won a poster with 4 of my favorite Kuroko characters on it (I don’t like the guy in the middle that much) as well as a figure of my 5th favorite character, Aomine.  I like how Aomine’s tan was specifically mentioned to be fake and that he buys into a Japanese street culture of “ganguro.”  ANYWAYS.  I watched her waste a ton of money before she won the figure she wanted (haha I mean that in a nice way) and then we went to the cosplay shop down the street.  I am going to a cos event on Saturday with her and I still need to finish the cos ||orz.

We went to karaoke (’cause that is honestly what people do for fun around here) and then I met up with a friend from high school…..I don’t know what to say anymore.  I am honestly like….so married to my school work at the moment that I don’t really do anything fun at the moment anymore.  I am sorry >.<

I will try harder next week.

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