December 3, 2013

Eating Ice Cream In Winter Is Awesome

Frozen yogurt with sprinkles


Totally was a butt and named this blog after episode 38 of Gintama.  For a good reason.  Not only did I cosplay Gintama last weekend, but I have been eating food that is completely out of season.  In my quest to feel a bit more at home–end of semester blues and what not, I went out on a quest to find my favorite lunch food (yes, lunch) in the world: Frozen yogurt.  It was REALLY difficult to find anything but I finally found it.  There is a froyo place in Shinjuku that is actually a California chain.  It’s not as neat and doesn’t offer as many toppings as the American chains, but it made me so happy.

Christmas parfait

Christmas Parfait

Also, the Christmas season is still intact here in Japan. It started right after Halloween since there is no Thanksgiving here.  Interesting enough–as someone who is half Jewish–I HAVE found some kosher delis here and seen traces of Hanukkah.  Honestly I was really surprised.  Religion isn’t a big thing here.  People do religious-like things, but they don’t really believe in it.  Christmas is just another super shopping holiday.  It’s more of a Romantic thing than a Christian-faith thing like in the US.

A view of Tokyo Tower in Japan with traffic and pedestrians

Tokyo Tower

In my last week of school, I started changing my commuting route up a bit more since my commuter pass was up.  I actually never realized how close Tokyo Tower was to my school.  I also started going through random train stations and malls and wandering into not-so-nice areas just to walk around a bit more.  I feel like my own way to exercise is by walking here.  I eat so much more here ’cause the food is that much better.  I know that when I go back to Lafayette I wont be eating much of anything so I might as well gain the weight now and then lose it over the next two semesters, right?

A hair-pin shop in an underground mall in Tokyo, Japan

Hair-pin shop in Underground mall

I also started noticing the abundance of underground malls in Japan.  This country really doesn’t waste space.  The New York City subway system has some shops but they’re all grungy and what not.  The underground shops in the Tokyo train systems are super high-end and trendy.  The prices on some of the clothes and jewelry down there are ridiculous and the food is actually really, really nice.  Tokyo’s train system and the city in general really do put New York to shame.  I am not excited to be coming back to such a dirty city next month.

Marlene First and a friend cosplaying Gintama in Tokyo, Japan

Me and my Friend cosplaying Gintama

Anyways, I saw yet another friend who came to Japan this weekend.  We cosplayed from my favorite show, Gintama.  My character, Hijikata Toshirou, is a commanding officer based in the edo police force–based on the real life Shinsengumi member Hijikata Toshizo.  The character is addicted to mayonnaise and cigarettes–two things I hate.  My friend was cosplaying Gintoki, who is addicted to sugary foods and what not.  The entire time we kept switching our food choices for the sake of shooting and then eating the food we actually wanted to eat.  It was amusing.

A pork bun in the shape of a pig's head

Cutest pork bun EVER

I also got to eat the cutest pork bun ever.  Yes, I am allergic to pork.  Yes, my stomach hurt afterwards.  And yes, it was totally worth it ’cause it was just that cute.  I got to meet some of her friends, and since the cosplay event was in an amusement park we went on some rides afterwards.  I learned that 19cm platforms for 6 hours on uneven pavement is not a good idea.  It was fun though and I got to cosplay my favorite character from Gintama who is nothing like me at all.  I was also the dumb butt who cosplayed with a real, lit cigarette even though I have asthma.

A salad with shredded cheese on top and a soda

End of Semester Lunch

Classes are officially over for the semester and now I am trying to fill my time while doing final projects and papers.  I am missing home a bit and I get frustrated every now and then, but I guess that is normal for finals time.  I feel, so far, that my classes were alright and that I did a pretty good job.  I am excited for my classes next semester though as I love Lafayette.  I am excited to start working on my capstone and doing JLPT prep as well as taking creative writing and finishing up that stupid lab requirement that all people in a liberal arts-based major are cheated into taking.  Anyways….time to go edit a movie for Thursday!

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