December 23, 2013

Back home.

When driving Rijan through Pennsylvania, he noticed the scenery change and also the way of life. Western PA is slower, more relaxed than Easton, New Jersey, and NYC. We have our own traditions, people, and even our own words. When I found out that I would get to show Rijan my home, I was excited. I have always wanted to show someone my friends, my family, and my town.

I personally love where I grew up. Johnstown has a lot of history and a lot of really neat places to explore. There is a lot of open space with beautiful scenery. I hope to take Rijan to some of these places I have found and show him that Western PA is a very interesting place to live.

We will visit Johnstown’s Flood Memorial, Coney Island, the Inclined Plane, the abandoned steel area of town, and many other places that I feel makes Johnstown, well…Johnstown. Also I will take him to Pittsburgh and Altoona so he will get to see more of the surrounding area.

Rijan near my house looking out over Johnstown

Rijan near my house looking out over Johnstown

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