January 3, 2014


We made momos. That’s right, amazing momos in western PA with improvised steamer. We made the momos and took them to a Christmas party at Sarah’s aunt’s place on Christmas Eve. It was pretty cool to meet the extended family of Sarah’s, all of whom were super chill and very welcoming. I had a great time, and it was a lot of fun. It was a real break, and a real holiday.

Towards the end of the trip, we went to Altoona, PA to spend the last night of Project BOMA at Sarah’s grand parents. We went to town during the day and played games with them during the evening. They too were chill and informal. All this was very different from my own growing up process. The power distance relationship in the US is just very different from what I grew up with, including the family environment. Being in the low PD family environment is certainly very interesting. I stay on campus pretty much all the time, so it was a completely new experience.

Picture from a cold day in Pittsburgh

The entire experience was amazing for me, including the trip to Nepal. Seeing the real life style at an American home is so much different than what’s shown on TV, and what I grew up with. The food culture, the power distance, and the holiday celebration – everything is so different. There really is a lot I learned about the American way of life beyond what happens in school. I’d highly recommend people to do this sort of “exchange” if they can.

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