February 3, 2014

First Week Back!

Well, it’s safe to say that break is officially over! I’ve made it through my first week back on campus and survived to tell the tale!

Hah, no, it really hasn’t been bad. I actually moved into my dorm a few days early and participated in a Lafayette DiscipleMakers Christian Fellowship mini on-campus retreat. We were joined by the fellowship from East Stroudsburg University for a day of worship and time in the Word, led by some awesome speakers.

It was really a blast, and probably the best way to start a semester for me personally. A few students sled down a hill on campus.I got to meet a lot of people, catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time since I was abroad, and be wonderfully confronted by the messages given.

It also happened to snow during the day, so once the seminars finished, the other LDCF members and I grabbed some sleds and went sledding! I can’t even remember the last time I went sledding, and other than some pretty cold fingers and toes, we all had a great time playing like little kids.

After a nice transitional weekend, my classes began 9 AM Monday morning. So far all of them seem pretty promising. I happen to be taking Cognitive Psychology concurrently with Learning, a lab course based on a behaviorist perspective, which I predict will prove both challenging and fascinating as those two areas have essentially dichotomous views.

I will say that it has been a little overwhelming returning to Lafayette after being abroad, as the courses in Costa Rica were not as challenging. My classes are all largely text dependent, which is/will be a challenge after being abroad. I’m sure though once I fall into my rhythm for the semester it won’t feel so overwhelming.

One of my professors held ‘office hours’ on Friday in an off-campus coffee shop, Cosmic Cup, so students could stop in, have a coffee, and get to know the professor in an out-of-classroom context. I think all professors should do this! We ended up having an hour-long conversation about all sorts of topics and simply enjoying talking with one another. Professors at Laf for the win!

This week I also re-entered my world of dance. I’m actually taking Lafayette’s first for-credit studio-based dance class! Our professor is simply fantastic. He’s quirky, knowledgeable, and best of all, is in love with dance. He made us all feel so comfortable on the first day and if that one class is any indicator for the rest of the semester, I think it’s going to be simultaneously fun and informative from many aspects! I’m really excited.

We also had our general interest meeting for Lafayette Dance Company, for which I’m co-president this semester. We had a nice turnout with a bunch of new faces and have a diverse weekly schedule already set in place. Our spring performance, a spring recital, already feels so close. The dance studio at Kirby Sports CenterI made time this week to head to the gym and work on the dance I’ll be teaching – a sort of Latin-inspired tap piece.

Every semester, I forget how much I missed the dance studios on campus until I return. Although I have a love-hate relationship with choreographing, just being back in that room had such a comforting and thrilling effect. Pretty soon I get to be there all the time! I know the first week of dance will be a little rough, since I’m a bit out of shape for it, but I can’t wait.

There you have it, a brief synopsis of my first week! A little exhausting, a little overwhelming, but a lot exciting. Till next week!

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