February 17, 2014

Dancing Through Life (despite the snow!)

Hi Everyone!

A black-and-white photo of the dinner table with bread and drinksAs promised, I come to you this week with details regarding the Lafayette DiscipleMakers Christian Fellowship (LDCF) Valentine’s Dinner! It has become a tradition for the guys of the group to come together and cook for the girls for Valentine’s Day.

My friend Katelyn and I had fun getting ready together. I love just about any excuse to get dressed up. We were then chauffeured to the church where the dinner was taking place, Cornerstone, the same church I’ve been attending on the weekends, and were greeted by our male peers who were looking quite dashing in their fancy attire. Once everyone was there and settled, we opened in prayer and began the dinner.

Each table had a large plate of bread, accompanied with seasoned oil. We deemed our table the coolest since we had the least amount of people but managed to eat our entire plate of bread. Some of the guys were in the back helping cook our delicious meal, while others walked around catering to our needs – refilling our beverages, serving the food, etc.

Before dessert, we had a bout of “entertainment”, which consisted of some assorted singing and other talents. A few of us stuck around once the rest of the girls had left and had a mini dance party while the guys cleaned up. It was such a nice night filled with God-given grace and fellowship.

Rebecca Murray and a friend wearing dressy outfits

Fortunately, that was one thing with which the snow did not manage to interfere. I can’t believe how crazy the weather has been – it doesn’t stop! Walking to class on Thursday was like an arctic adventure. It’s sort of dichotic; living on a college campus during weird weather like this is both great and not so great. On one hand, everything you need is within walking distance. You don’t have to clear off your car, or worry about navigating through the streets. On the other hand, that means you actually have to walk  everywhere, through the thick of the weather. I suppose there are pros and cons to everything though, right?

Dance of course helps! I’ve surprised myself by how much I’m enjoying this hip-hop class I’m taking! It’s small, and none of us has much experience, which actually makes it super fun. We can all act silly without any pressure or expectation to have certain abilities. The dance is fast, but definitely manageable, so we all have a great time helping one another learn and practice. Last class, with their help, I conquered a fear and did an assisted hand-stand!

There was also a dance performance on campus this past Wednesday entitled “Stardust” by David Rousseve and his company REALITY. I fell in love with this performance, and once again felt such gratitude for the opportunities Lafayette provides to see such works. The piece integrated the use of technology into the dance performance in such a way that poignantly enhanced the storyline. I felt that there was something in the show for everyone, and such a variety of messages about numerous topics, political, spiritual, social, and individual.

I had the opportunity the following day as well to speak with David Rousseve and two of his dancers, which was simply incredible. I wish I could have talked with them more! His views of this piece in particular and the creative process in general supported some of my own ideas and inspired me in other ways. As I continue to sit with the performance and the discussions, I am continuing to glean wisdom and insight.

Bloom County comic strip with Opus the penguin talking to a Hare Krishna asking for money

Just for kicks, here’s a comic that was in one of my textbooks that I found amusing. I promise it was relevant in context:

That’s the most exciting news of my week. Cross your fingers for less snow this coming week! Until next time!

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  1. Can you make the comic bigger. Not all of us are teenagers.

    says Rich
    February 17, 2014 at 6:16 pm

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