March 3, 2014

Study Breaks and, you guessed it, Food!

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There are only two weeks until spring break – that’s madness! I feel like I just got here! And it’s already March? Wasn’t it just Christmas? Time sure is flying by! As if time wasn’t already going by fast enough, it feels like each week is becoming a little bit busier than the last.

‘Tis the season for tests. Some of my peers have many tests all in one week, either this one or the last, or will have mid-terms for all their classes around spring break.  I consider myself lucky this year in that mine are fairly spread out. Since some of my professors do three tests a semester, while others just a mid-term and a final, the tests are spread across various weeks. Although this means a more constant stream of studying for a while, I do prefer this over a solid week of test-taking.

I had my first one this past week (and it went well – yay!) and have my next one this coming week for Cognitive Psychology. I’m a little nervous since we’ve covered a lot of information since the beginning of the semester, but I’ve kept on top of it so I’m hoping it will be okay. Plus, I love the actual course material – how our minds remember, stay focused, the costs of distractions – so I actually don’t mind studying all that much. Wish me luck!

This week our floor also had a program. I live on a special interest floor which is basically a group of people with a common interest in some topic. Mine is called ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’. Special interest floors receive a designated budget so that we can hold certain events or participate in activities that pertain to our interest. One night this week, as a sort of planned study break, a group of us went to the gym to either play racquetball or climb the rock wall. I chose the latter. I hadn’t climbed the wall since freshman year, so I was a little nervous, but also super excited. I love high ropes courses and most rock walls, and often forget about the wall at our gym, even though I walk past it numerous times a week. I tried the two ‘easier’ routes and was able to reach the top of both on my first tries! One even had a slight overhang, which I’d never done before, but I got by it with no problem! I was pretty proud of myself, and it really was a great stress reliever.

Rebecca Murray partway up the climbing wall Rebecca Murray near the top of the climbing wall Rebecca Murray and another student on the indoor climbing wall

The girls on leadership team for the Lafayette Christian Fellowship had our first girls Bible study this week, a time to take a step back from classes and get to know one another better while also looking in God’s word. We ended up spending more time than originally planned, a true sign that it went well! It was another great break for me in my week, and helped freshen my perspective. Taking time to just talk with this wonderful group of girls was really heartwarming.

I also made it back to Cornerstone for church this week and very much enjoyed the service. The message was about speech, and how what one says is ultimately a reflection of what is in his or her heart, and how that can be ‘sinful’ or ‘skillful’. It was a point I hadn’t ever heard phrased in quite that manner and was really helpful for my own understanding of my words and actions.

Of course, I can’t let a whole blog post go by without talking about food… =) The other day was the birthday of one of my friends, so a group of us went out to dinner to celebrate. We went to a new Japanese restaurant that opened nearby called Plum House. I was excited because I’d heard a lot of positive things about it but hadn’t gotten a chance to try it yet – what a perfect opportunity!

I’m not a big sushi fan, so I stuck to my typical miso soup, white rice, and chicken yakitori. The miso soup was the perfect consistency – some are a bit grainy, and others are smooth, but lack the flavor. This one had all the elements. Same with the yakitori sauce, just the right amount of flavor. For dessert, a few of us split vanilla tempura ice cream, a deliciously decadent treat. I mean really, with ice cream enveloped in a crispy fried coating, can you really go wrong? My only real complaint about the place was that it was a little drafty, but that may also have just been our table. That won’t stop me from going back!

20140302_110337Between church and lab the following day, I went to Upper Farinon, one of the all-you-care-to-eat dining options on campus, for brunch. To my pleasant surprise, they were having a Dr. Seuss themed day! It was so fun – they were serving green eggs, had a Thing #1 and Thing #2 cut-out to take your picture in, a popcorn machine, and a guessing game to estimate how many goldfish crackers were in a jar (with the book “One Fish, Two Fish” next to it). I love that our school does these wacky events throughout the year. It keeps it fresh and fun, and the food is so creative!

Now that Dr. Seuss has reminded me “Oh the places that you’ll go…”, let’s see where this next week takes me! Until then!

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