March 6, 2014

Byeeeee Winter!

Hi PEOPLE! I’m Natalie the Artsy, a brand new blogger on Voices.


Today is a grape (great) day for posting my first blog, since it’s the last day of this endless winter. How do I know? Well, this morning I found strawberries, which had disappeared from the fruit bar for the whole winter, when I had breakfast at Marquis. Also, an unusual sleepiness attacked me on Monday’s statistics class, which never happened before because I like the professor’s jokes. I hate winter in general and I think everyone should hate winter. I heard that artists rarely depict winter landscape, that’s kind of reasonable. I mean, everything is white after snow, how about just leave the paper blank?Weather information about Easton, Pa. is displayed on a smart phone screen


BUT, I have to admit: Good things about winter do exist.


Swimming pool is empty. As a beginner who is unluckily not very brave, I always need some time to hesitate around the corner before I can actually start swimming. If there are a lot of people using the pool, my hesitation becomes very awkward. Winter is a perfect time because most people don’t feel like swimming. Since it’s freezing outside, they don’t want to walk to the pool and walk back after. But I usually ignore these factors. Plus, doing sauna after swimming is super fun as well as eating grapes at Gilbert’s on the way back.
The book "Dancing Fish and Ammonites" by Penelope Lively is held by someoneHave more time for reading. The campus is quite quiet during winter, again, because it’s incredibly cold outside. Walking around is one thing that I really enjoy, but obviously I don’t want to stay outdoors when it’s too cold. I did feel a little bit bored at the beginning of the semester, but then I found some cute books in the library and everything became brighter! Yeah, and I feel smarter after reading.


Guess that’s the end of both the winter and this post. See you next winter, Quad the Skating Rink!

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