March 10, 2014


This week had a lot of those “Finally!” moments – and it’s not even spring break! Numerous things that I had been planning on doing for a while finally came to fruition!

For one, I finally went back to the Senior Center! Due to all of the crazy weather, and then feeling not-so-good, I hadn’t been able to go this semester. I have been volunteering there since before my freshman year, during POSP – Pre-orientation Service Program. I’m so glad I was able to be a part of that experience, and I still go to the Senior Center!

You can certainly see the lasting effect it’s had on me. While I’ll admit I’m not always super eager to actually walk down the hill and go, my mood always changes for the better after I’ve been there. It is a real unique corner of Easton, with such a diverse mix of characters. It’s a day center for senior citizens where they can socialize, participate in various activities, and have lunch.

Over the years, I’ve connected with many of the members; however, one in particular stands out for me: George. Rebecca Murray and George, an Easton senior citizen, stand next to the ping-pong table where they've done battle many timeGeorge will be 96 this year and is a true inspiration. Although his hearing isn’t the best, and his memory isn’t always perfect, George had been asking for me by name and remembered I had been abroad in Costa Rica.

Why does he remember me? Two (one?) words: Ping-Pong. The senior center has a Ping-Pong table and George absolutely loves the game. When I say he’s good, it’s not just in a “yea, for a 96-year-old man, he’s pretty good”, but he’s legitimately good. I believe he could beat many of my friends in a game. George has always been impressed by my Ping-Pong skill (my dad and I played most nights back in high school) and is always excited to play with me.

Beyond Ping-Pong, George also goes home every night to care for his ill wife and is a two-time cancer survivor. For me, George defines the word ‘inspiration’. Having never had the chance to meet either of my grandfathers, I view George as the grandfather I never had – and what a great one he is! He admits he’s getting older, especially when he misses the ball, but I just joke back ‘So am I!’ because it’s true! And if I can continue to grow older as George has, I consider myself blessed.

On my way back from a lovely time at the senior center, I “finally” stopped in at ‘Sweet Girlz’, a bakery in Easton that I have been able to see transform since its birth my sophomore year. It’s been so fun to watch it evolve and grow as they become increasingly successful! As a fellow baker, I marvel at what they can produce and it was truly difficult for me to receive all of their Facebook updates with new products and festive cakes while I was abroad and couldn’t visit! They know me by name (as I believe they do with a large majority of their customers) and live up to the title of ‘Sweet Girlz’. the inside of the Sweet Girlz bakery in Easton

One tradition that they’ve started is ‘Sticky Bun Sunday’ for which they make, you guessed it, sticky buns! They sell out really fast, because they’re super delicious. I haven’t gone yet for one of those, but I plan to before the semester ends!

This time I was able to talk to one of the owners. We had a really nice conversation about my trip abroad and how the bakery has been doing since I left. I of course didn’t leave without a treat… have I mentioned that their prices are pretty sweet too? I got a small coffee (at only 50 cents!), a pumpkin popper (basically like a munchkin… but way better), and a small chocolate chip cookie. All for under $2. It was all gone by the time I was back to my room – haha!

Speaking of food… this week on campus there was a specialty ‘s’mores crepe’ one day. How could I resist?? Chocolate… graham cracker crumbles… marshmallows… all melted together and enveloped inside a crepe? …are you salivating yet? I am just remembering it! It was one of those things that I had to eat slowly because it was so decadent. But don’t you worry, I ate the whole thing. Here’s a picture just to torture you: =)

a s’mores crepe

My other “Finally!” of the week occurred at my tap class. I finished teaching my entire dance!! There is still a lot of clean-up, review, and alterations to take place before it’s ready for the big stage, but it’s all taught! That feeling is so wonderful, especially since the recital just keeps creeping closer and closer!

Off to reach that last “Finally!” that’s awaiting me on Friday – spring break! Check back to see what happens. Until then!

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  1. will be seeing you at the recital . hugs from the Gebon

    says Gebon
    March 10, 2014 at 5:48 pm
  2. I am going to buy a 3D printer just so I can print out and eat that crepe.

    says Rich
    March 11, 2014 at 12:07 pm

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