March 25, 2014

Not a Lazy Semester

When I tell people that I’m studying abroad they think that this is a lazy semester, a semester of less difficult and fewer classes. Lafayette does a good job with sending engineers abroad so we don’t get behind in classes or have to pile up classes before hand. I did have to organize my schedule so I could have classes this semester, but it’s basically like a semester at Lafayette.

It’s not an “easy” semester. I am still taking five classes and some of them are difficult for me. On top of that we travel a bunch of weekends so it’s a lot of time management. Professors still expect us to do their work and have it turned in on time, even if we’re in a different country when it’s due, so we have to turn it in early. This Wednesday we leave for Brussels until Friday, so we have to reschedule a bunch of classes and for some of the classes that we can’t reschedule, it’s on us to catch up on work.

Every one of the Lafayetties (what Jacobs students call us) don’t have class on Fridays, but a lot of us have an entire day of classes on Thursdays. Thursdays and Fridays are our most missed days which is unfortunate and difficult.¬†On Thursday I have class almost constantly from 9:45 in the morning to 6:30 in the evening with a 30 minute lunch break at 12:30. It’s a hectic day.

Two of the classes on Thursday are double period classes so they’re 3 hours long. They are German Politics & Culture and Bioprocess Engineering. Bioprocess Engineering is an interesting class, but we miss so many of the classes and it’s only once a week. I feel like for the final I’m basically just going to have to reread the textbook because we’re barely there for lecture. It’s going to be tough.

This class is also a class that pretty much only has a final for the grade. Terrifying. Sixty percent of the grade is the final, the rest is a presentation and a lab report or two. We don’t get a midterm or quizzes so how am I supposed to know his testing style? Is it more conceptual or more mathematical?

I prefer Lafayette style.

A glass of coffee

Needless to say I survive on coffee. Thankfully Jacobs’ biggest doner is Jocobs Coffee. The Coffee Bar is where I live. It’s the Cosmic Cup of Jacobs except I can use my meal plan money there!

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