April 21, 2014

Read it and …drool?

Hiya readers!!

Guess what – I survived course registration! It’s always a fairly stressful time for me, but everything always works out in the end. This year, as a rising senior, you’d think everything would go as smooth as… as… well, something really smooth. It didn’t quite do that, but the final product that I have is actually better  than what I had imagined before the start, so I’m pretty happy!

One course I wanted to take wasn’t actually being offered, and another that I was hesitant about I couldn’t get into right away. I decided to take one of my alternate courses, which I’d actually been intrigued by for a few semesters and think will be really interesting. Then I got a wonderful offer to do research with a professor in the psychology department! A great opportunity, and a perfect solution to all my course registration struggles. Success!

A partial view of the football field, stands, and Kirby Sports Center at Lafayette College's Fisher Stadiium

Since the weather has finally graced us with some elements of spring, I was finally able to go for a run! Now, I had never been a runner. I actually used to despise running. Then, one day last year, I decided I wanted to learn to enjoy running more, move past that mental or physical block. So, I did the only logical thing – I started running. I tried out a few different modalities (treadmill, indoor/outdoor track, streets) and discovered that while treadmill running wasn’t absolutely horrendous all the time, I actually somewhat enjoyed outdoor track running some of the time! I focused on that and started doing it more, and as I improved, I started liking it!

Then I went to Costa Rica, then it was winter and really cold, and then it was dance season, so I hadn’t had the opportunity to run outside on a track in a really long time and was oddly craving it. Monday presented the splendid opportunity of a sunny day and a chunk of free time, and I took that opportunity! The run was a little rough but it simultaneously felt great. Another success!

I know it’s been a few blog posts since my usual, expected analysis of some sort of food. This blog post will make up for that. =) One evening, my friend and I went out to eat to belatedly celebrate her birthday. She chose Mesa, a semi-new Mexican restaurant in downtown Easton. I had never been, but it’s not a place I’m soon to forget!

We started by splitting some guacamole, which wasn’t just your everyday guac. Fresh guacamole on a ceramic plateFor starters, it wasn’t served in an ordinary bowl, but the diced ingredients were brought to your table and mashed together in front of you with a mortar and pestle! If that doesn’t constitute as fresh, I don’t know what does. It was by far the best guacamole I’ve ever had, and I lived in Costa Rica for four months!

For my entrée, I got a quesadilla that was filled with a cheese blend, spinach, black beans and chicken, and topped with a jalapeno aioli. I was nervous about the jalapeno aioli at first, because I am not a spicy-foods person, but it had just the right amount of kick to spice up the quesadilla and really built up a complex flavor. DE-LI-CIOUS.

I also had a super Saturday (I like the sound of that… maybe I’ll make that a thing! All of my Saturdays should be “super”) involving exercise and food! There’s a place I love about 40 minutes north of Lafayette called Camelback Mountain Adventures. If you’ve heard of Camelbeach or Camelback Ski, it’s part of the same organization. Trees and vegetation outdoors at Camelback Mountain Adventures in PennsylvaniaThey offer a variety of outdoor adventures including a mountain coaster, Segway tours, zip lines, and a high ropes course. Ever since I took High Ropes in high school, I’ve been slightly obsessed. The course at Camelback just re-opened April 4th, and I couldn’t wait to go back.

When my mom told me she was free on Saturday, I knew it was the perfect opportunity. We met there and had a blast climbing our way through the trees and along the ropes, making our way up the mountain. I’ll admit, it is tiring, but it is So. Much. Fun. I noticed too that while I used to get nervous and jittery before starting and at numerous intervals throughout, there were only one or two brief moments when I felt afraid, and even those were minor. I love being able to see, and feel, how that has evolved. Maybe my last week’s blog post about struggles and fear had something to it, eh?

After pretending to be monkeys for a solid 4 hours, my mom and I drove to a nearby favorite restaurant called Barley Creek Brewery. Other than their impressive selection of beer which I admire from a distance, they have an incredible menu. I’m always hard-pressed to decide what to get!

We decided to take a sharing-method and split a large appetizer and entrée. The appetizer was a sampler that included onion rings, mini pierogies, cheese planks (kind of like a mozzarella stick, but flat, and better tasting), fried pickles, and, at the top of the list, an avocado eggroll. I had never heard of such a thing before, and was a little apprehensive since avocados aren’t usually one of my favorites, but this thing – it was so good! It had avocado, tomatoes and onions with their special sauce, all wrapped up in this eggroll-esque package. Avocado, diced tomatoes, and baby carrotsSo good!

And the meal didn’t end there! We split an entrée called “Creek Chicken” – grilled chicken, baked with pesto, roasted red peppers, and feta cheese. What a combination! Oh so flavorful, and oh so delicious. We had a bit more food than we could eat, but that’s no problem! I happily took the leftovers to eat the following day. Double-win.

There you have it readers. My life – some different forms of exercise balanced with some delectable eats, and of course some studies mixed in. It’s a pretty good life. Till next time!

P.S. – There’s also this really crazy tree that I can see from my window and walk past when I go into downtown Easton. Take a look!

A small tree with portions of a couple buildings in the background


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  1. Now I’m starved. But I want to run! I’ve got to stop reading these.

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