April 22, 2014

Fight for Class

Happy Tuesday! Today is the day for rising sophomores to register classes for this fall. It is both an exciting day and an extremely exhausting day.


A course schedule
Rising sophomores always register after rising seniors and rising juniors, which is reasonable, but it’s really stressful for us. Last night, I checked the spots left in each class I want to take. Everything was fine except Drawing I: there’s only one spot left in that class. I then decided to go to AEC to get a lab computer (I heard the Internet connection would be much better if you use wired instead of wireless) for getting that class because I really need it to meet the requirement of my Art major and also to take other higher-level classes. Last time, the classes I planned to get weren’t that popular, so I just stayed in my room and registered with my laptop. But this time I have to fight for the class.


I did wake up at 5:30 today, I did go the computer lab, and I did get a computer, but I was not fast enough to get that drawing class. The result is not very surprising: I got another art history class instead; luckily all of them are classes I like. Plus if I really need a class, I could always talk with the professor, so I’m not particularly worried about my schedule. However, waking up too early really killed my day. I haven’t woken up so early since last year, and I felt sick after eating breakfast. Since I didn’t have any class today, I went back to my room and took a short nap. It was like a brand new day when I woke up again. Suddenly, people’s way of greeting changed from “How’s it going?” to “Did you get all the classes you want?”


Now I’m looking forward to becoming a sophomore.

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