May 1, 2014

ISA Farm Trip

Last Saturday we went on the ISA farm trip, and… it was so much FUN!


Hot dogs on sticks held above a fire in an outdoor pit to roast themTo be honest, I didn’t expect it would be such a great trip, since it was a rainy day and we left the campus late. When we arrived at the farm, the rain stopped, and the next second, it started to rain again. At that time, I really thought we were not able to make it. Everyone walked into the farmhouse, and I just followed up passively. But I then noticed that the farmhouse was really cute! It was like the red toy farmhouse I used to play with when I was a kid and there were a lot of toy animals displayed in this house. We talked with people who helped with this farm trip there and they were so warm and friendly. When we walked out of the farmhouse, the rain stopped again and we played egg hunt.


Holding a piece of graham cracker, chocolate, and melted marshmallowThe egg throwing game was fun as well, though My and I were the first group out of the game. At least the egg liquid didn’t come out on me. Hahaha… Then the rain came back and we played on a swing on the way to roast hot dogs. Then the rain was gone and we went back to the house to eat more food.

Make s’mores was my favorite part! The marshmallows were so good, although I burned mine… 😛

We played more games after that and then came the dancing part! I like both circle dance and square dance, but they were really exhausting. It’s such a great way of doing exercise, much better than going to the gym. (My back and waist hurt the next day due to dancing too much.)


Such a happy day! It rescued me from the attack of exams and other class work. I want to have the farm trip one more time!

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