May 9, 2014


Vineyards in Stuttgart, Germany To follow up with my post about blind booking, I might as well let you know how it went. Stuttgart is the capital of Baden-Württemberg (a state within Germany). The city is in a valley between hills and hills covered in vineyards. It’s actually in a really beautiful location.

Anyways, because we did blind booking we did not get to choose the flight times, we just paid for a trip from Saturday to Monday. We ended up with a flight out of Hamburg Airport at 8 in the morning. I know you’re thinking that’s not bad at all! That gives us the whole day on Friday to explore! Well, it also meant that we had to leave Jacobs on the 1:37 am train (the last train until 6 am) to get to Hamburg Airport on time. Of course being a student, I stayed up unnecessarily late the evening before playing cards with friends and slept in until noon, so I couldn’t take a much needed nap during the day. I was traveling with Casey and we took a nap in the airport while waiting for our flight.

A flea market in Stuttgart, GermanyWhen we landed in Stuttgart we were tired. We couldn’t check into the hostel until 2 pm, so we went to a flea market and then to a cafe for lunch.  We made our way back to the hostel for a nice three-hour nap.

I wanted to go to the vineyards to walk around. It was a 12 km walk through a section of it, but Casey didn’t want to do it. It was a little late. We walked around a bit and then went back into town for dinner. We went to an Italian place and had pizza with wine from the area. It was very nice and light. The area is known for its red wine. They actually make a majority of the red wine produced in Germany.

This was my first time staying in a youth hostel really. It was fine, we were in a room with two random girls. Thankfully they were girls, I might have been a little more uncomfortable with two unknown men in my room. The first night we didn’t see them until the morning and by the time we got back on the second night, they were asleep before us. We didn’t talk to them at all the entire two nights. I kind of wish I had gotten to talk to them, see where they were from and what they were doing in Stuttgart…

The park behind Neue Schloss (New Castle) in Stuttgart, GermanySunday we went to the Neue Schloss (translates to New Castle), which is in the central square of Stuttgart, and we hung out there for a little. We had really good weather. It was sunny and not too cold. We lay in the grass with the flowers for a while. Then we walked through the park behind the castle.

We walked a lot, I think like 4 km through the park. The park reminded me a bit of Central Park. We stopped and sat in the sun and watched a man throw a boomerang, and a couple of puppies play with a stick. Then we decided to go to the Mercedes Museum. However, the trams weren’t running to the station near the museum that day. So we walked more, probably four more kilometers. I was in charge of the map, and I did get us there, we just ended up going through sketch-town to get there.

Blogger Lisa Goulding and her friend, Casey, in front of the Mercedes Museum

Casey and I in front of the Mercedes Museum

We made it and were exhausted. The air conditioning in the museum was a blessing. The museum was pretty cool. It went through the history of Mercedes Benz, while also keeping other history around the world in context.

After the museum we had to trek back to the park where we could finally take a tram back to central Stuttgart. We had dinner on a lake. the next day we shopped a little before we flew back to Bremen!

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