June 9, 2014

Pat Lorenz: Markle Legend

In reference to last week’s post, some of you may remember the woman I spoke of who is basically the supervisor of the visitation/tour guide office in Markle Hall of Admissions: Pat. You may also recall that I designated her as likely the sweetest person on the planet due to her eternal positive attitude and contagious smile. Essentially, I felt as though she deserved her own blog post instead of just a shout-out in my previous one.


An office room with a desk, computer, chair, and cartoonish leopard paw prints on the wall

Unfortunately, Pat claims that she is not “good” at taking pictures, and you must respect that. However, here is a sweet snapshot of her office that she works in! I realize this is not helpful in portraying her, but I will try my best to describe her with mere words.

Pat creates an atmosphere in our office that makes it both exciting on the good days and bearable on the bad days to come to work. Her jokes, anecdotes, and warm presence make her appear to be the “big sister” of the office as opposed to a boss or supervisor. She knows just how to frame things in order to help myself and co-workers understand the ins and outs of daily tour guide office life. She is a true “crowd pleaser” in that no prospective student, parent, or relative seems disappointed or unsatisfied with her efforts, and you really can’t find anyone at Lafayette College who has a smidgen of a negativity towards her work. Pat is both patient and understanding with all of her colleagues and student workers and creates a working environment that is accommodating for everyone.

With that in mind, I would just like to make a public thank you to her through this blog, and cannot wait to work for the rest of the summer with her as my supervisor!

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