June 12, 2014

Start of an Awesome Internship and Great Summer in NYC!

Hello again! I am excited to be back on Voices for Lafayette College. I will be posting once a week about the sights, sounds, and experiences of New York City. This summer I am working for AppNexus as a Global Services Intern. I arrived a little over a week ago, and with all the activity going on, it feels like I could have been here for a month!

The view of a street with traffic, including a motorcycle, and a 14-story building with a tan exterior

The first weekend in the city before work (and before I moved into my lovely New York University dorm room, as seen in picture) was spent as a tourist. Most notably, I visited the World Trade Center Museum and Memorial, and the Tenement Museum, both of which are downtown (more on NYC experiences later).

But it was not long until it was time to start my work for the summer! Monday June 2, was my first day. It was great (including a “welcome the interns” office party after work) and the office is stunning. In fact, don’t just take my word for it; check out this Business Insider article which does not even include pictures of the awesome company basketball court. http://www.businessinsider.com/pictures-appnexus-office-tour-2013-6#

A glass window with the orange and black AppNexus logo

AppNexus, at a high level, is “powering the advertising that powers the internet”. Without getting into too many technical specifics, among many other things, AppNexus’ core technology holds billions of mini auctions every day to bring relevant advertising to the consumer. These auctions are for the space on websites that are designated for an ad (like the banner ad above the previously linked article). This Wikipedia article cannot come close to doing justice to the complexity, but if you are interested in one of the many technologies that AppNexus employs, feel free to check this out (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real-time_bidding).

One of the most important components of working somewhere over the summer while in college is to figure out where you might want to work after graduation. I have been working with the Gateway Career Services program, a great resource to all students in planning for life after graduation. Through work with them I have partaken in many professional experiences that ultimately brought me to work for Viddler second semester junior year, and now AppNexus for the summer before senior year. I cannot wait for what’s ahead. I will post again next week about some of the unlimited fun that living in New York City comes with.

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