June 24, 2014

A new family

I have recently begun my adventure in Vanissa’s house in New Jersey, experiencing a mix of Ghana and American culture. I met Vanissa’s father, mother, sister and boyfriend at her house. They were almost as excited as Vanissa was to accept me as a member of their family.

When I arrived at Vanissa’s house at night, before I came in, I could hear a loud drilling noise. I quietly questioned if we were at a construction site but to my surprise they had bought a completely new living room, dining room set, and a completely new bed for me!!!!

I can’t express enough just how nice and welcoming Vanissa’s family is. They always try their best to make me feel at home and I do. Not only because of the comfortable bed and pillows, but also their kindness and kookiness. Vanissa’s mother and I share so many interests; one of them is our crazy love of watermelons. As someone who does not eat fruit, I would often question our sanity every time. It was like I became another member of the family and Vanissa’s Mom always confirmed it by calling me her third daughter.Linqing with Vanissa and her mother at a table in a restaurant

Soon after that, I was able to meet Vanissa’s sister on the second day when we went to have brunch at a restaurant where they always go every Sunday. Getting involved in such activity made me so excited. Before we left, the owner of the restaurant even took a photo for us.

It’s always interesting going out with Vanissa’s family because although each family member is so different ethnicity and personality wise they never seem to realize it. Whenever we all go out, we always get a lot of attention from people each time because our team consists of so many different ethnicities: American (Vanissa’s stepmom and sister), Ghanaian (Vanissa), French and Spanish ( Vanissa’s boyfriend), and Chinese ( myself).

The ladies pose for a photo during brunch at a restaurant


Vanissa’s dad is very similar to my dad. He does not talk much but he cares about me and asks me what I need all the time. One of all the things her dad taught me is the importance of being kind and considerate no matter what. There are so many problems in the society you have to face if you are a minority. But Vanissa’s father encouraged me to not let other people’s opinion of your ethnicity or of who you are affect the good things that I could achieve or contribute to this world. I feel like this was a very special moment for me at Vanissa’s house because her dad had just met me but he gave me advice and looked out for me as if I was his own and that’s honestly not something you see every day. I felt inspired and excited for all the experiences to come.

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