July 6, 2014

Going On and Off of the Beaten Path

This week officially marks the second half of my internship in NYC (link to AppNexus Blog coming soon). Five weeks flew by; it is nice to look back at old posts and think about all that has happened since arriving in this city at the end of May.

Something that has become obvious to me during my summer in New York City and my semester abroad in Madrid is that, as a visiting resident of any city, it is important to experience both the “popular” and the more “off-beat” places. There is a reason why the “popular” sights and sounds are popular, and you would be doing yourself a disservice to miss them. But by the same token, after you have experienced the well-known, you should branch out. Without exploring, the sensation of getting lost in NYC, the views of a rarely traveled river in Madrid, or discovering a new restaurant spot, would not be possible.

Today, I found a nice little Mediterranean tapas restaurant where I could partake in a famous NYC brunch. It was on the East Side off of a small road called Stuyvesant Street, and I sat right on the outdoor patio along with only a small number of other people. For a moment, the city that never sleeps was quiet and calm. Having a nice, tranquil (and cheap too!) brunch in a crazy city where I had just gone to Coney Island the day before felt like a dream come true, and gave me flashbacks to studying abroad in Spain. It seems that adventures provide the largest surprises, and my experiences throughout college have done nothing but motivate me to be a lifetime adventurer. Until next time, check out the adventures below, from today’s Sunday Brunch, Rio Manzanares in Madrid, Coney Island, a view from Central Park Zoo, and a view of Manhattan at night from the Top of the Rockefeller Center. Keep exploring.

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