July 25, 2014

A July Afternoon

Normally (school time=2/3 of the year), I’m a hard-working person. However, during the break, all my energy is gone. The two things I enjoy the most are drinking tea with friends and baking. Lying in the couch for several hours, I feel like I’m becoming one part of the couch.


photo 3If I didn’t hear the famous Rubber Duck was here in the city, I would never come out for a walk. Rubber Duck is designed by Dutch artist Hofman. It’s a giant…rubber duck. I don’t think it’s a popular thing in the US, but it’s really famous in China. The duck is staying at the Olympic Sailing Center for the whole July. I went out on the first day it arrived.

Rubber Duck is cute, because it makes the sea/harbor/lake look like your bathtub. When I saw it, I was extremely excited. But the excitement only stayed for a few seconds, since the only thing you can do with it is take pictures or stare at it, which is not that fun.

I then went to a park on the beach. The park was built on huge sea rocks and there are many pine trees in the park. I sat on a bench under the pine. Facing the sea, I could get rid of all the worries and stress. Waves hit the rock in its own rhythm. Breeze from the sea was salty and comforting; it helped me calm down and relax deeply. Eating plums and berries in the breeze is also a wonderful experience. photo 2 (1)


I’ve been to the beach of Los Angeles and Miami. The beaches in these two cities are related to sunshine and modern life. The sea I saw in New York is cold and vast. The sea here in Qingdao is very different: It’s quiet and old. The tone of the beach is darker and greener than that of the other three places. I wish I could stay in the sea breeze forever!

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