July 27, 2014

Flight Simulator: Aviation Club’s latest project

During the academic year, I serve as the marketing and club liaison for the Lafayette College Aviation Club. A fellow rising sophomore, Barker Carlock, a chemical engineer from Texas, founded the club with another fellow rising sophomore, Greg, an electrical computer engineer from Great Britain. Both have their private pilot’s licenses and their passions led to forming the Aviation Club our freshman year. Our board of executives consists of Barker as the president, Greg as the vice president, a rising sophomore, Rachel Paisner, as the secretary, as well as myself. Below, find a link that will take you to the club’s official site as well as provide some details to what the activities the club does as well as other information.


This summer, Barker, Greg, and I all had the fortune of being available to stay at Lafayette by working off campus, doing research, and working in the admissions office, respectively. This allowed for Barker and Greg to really take off (no pun intended) with Aviation Club’s first big project: acquiring a flight simulator. ¬†Below, please see the flight simulator that is now assembled and has a home in the Acopian Engineering Building.



This is my friend Keaton, a rising junior mechanical engineer, giving the simulator a try. I also got to fly it and land a plane on an aircraft carrier (pretty awesome). The system you see is roughly equivalent to what you would have in a single-engine plane’s cockpit, and the program purchased with the system allows you to fly as if in that single-engine plane’s cockpit. It is worth noting that I myself have not had any prior experience with aviation or planes, and I am not a mechanical engineering major either. Given Lafayette’s small liberal arts, community-oriented environment, I was able to find something new to learn and become interested in, and for that I am very thankful.

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