August 27, 2014




This blog post is one of gratitude to all the great people I worked with over the summer. As a full-time tour guide, it was an experience that was both professionally insightful as well as a good learning opportunity to work for a college admissions office. Indeed it was my co-workers who really set the attitude of the office. The admissions office requires smiles at all times given that Lafayette is such a happy place, and my fellow tour guides and I enjoyed the company of over 50 families a week…each.

These guys were great since we were all part of the Camp Lafayette 2014 crew that lived on campus over the summer. We had great nights, great laughs, struggles to work together within the office, but nonetheless a team that persevered through the tough times and enjoyed many good times.

Each of the tour guides brought something unique to the team of about 12 for the summer. Given that we would all be working together to accomplish the same tasks every day, it was essential that our teamwork capabilities were on point. Our different personalities contributed to the well oiled machine that is the tour guide’s office, and we found out that the admissions directors are actually some of the funniest people we may know.

One of the tour guides dressed up as one of the admissions directors one day and actually might have pulled off the better act. The office was always gushing with enthusiasm, a wonderfully large Keurig provided by our clutch Dean of Admissions, and a spirit that really made me feel like Lafayette was actually a home to me rather than just the school that I go to.

As pictured above, the admissions office had a great staff of tour guides for the summer and is an experience I will not soon forget.

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