January 22, 2015

Dining In Easton: Cheap Eats, Delicious Treats, & Fancy Feasts

Naturally, when you go to Lafayette, students will rave about coffee and lattes from Cosmic Cup, Wawa mac-n-cheese, Don Juan’s burritos, and pizza from Pizza D’Oro and Morici’s, but restaurants down the hill have so much to offer. To celebrate the weekend, a birthday, the completion of a tough paper or exam, to spend some quality time with friends, or to satisfy your craving for a hearty meal, make that trip down to the circle or beyond.

Of course the Easton Farmer’s Market provides a wonderful atmosphere for a stroll through the city center and completing some weekly food shopping. In the fall students can enjoy the Garlic Festival, Apple Jam, and Bacon Fest.  Stock up on fresh produce, bread, healthy snacks, and spreads. Students often overlook the indoor Winter Market, but vendors offer a variety of delicious hot meals for vegetarians, vegans, and meat-lovers alike. This market also has some college pantry staples (in my opinion, at least): apple butter, jam, hot sauce, trail bread, granola, and much more!

In the mood for a burger? Stop by Pearly Bakers for a delicious turkey burger with avocado (or beef or lamb burger) or delectable salads and vegetables – squash, quinoa, and bean dishes are sure to please any vegetarians that stop by. Though I no longer eat meat, my meat-eating friends rave about Slainte’s Irish Pub. Their burgers are far from ordinary. They are delicious creations stuffed with anything, from savory selections to Reese’s peanut butter cups.

I’m a pescetarian, so I am always down for fish and sushi dinners. For a night in, I order from DM Sushi or if I’m up for a little adventure I head to Jasmine Japanese and Thai Restaurant. If you are up for a fancy fish feast with your parents, 3rd and Ferry Fish Market is sure to please. Though it is a pricy option, you certainly get what you pay for!

Thirteen first-year Lafayette College students sit or stand around a dinner table at the Sogo restaurant in downtown Easton, Pennsylvania.

Freshman Year – Dinner at Sogo!

For the best Mexican food in town, head up Northampton Street to La Perla Tapatia for cheap yet authentic burritos, tacos, and horchata. There are great $3 burritos, but you will want more than one because they are the real deal and smaller than Chipotle-size. After dinner, take a walk across the street to the Talk of the Town ice cream shop, which offers many unique and tasty flavors. Mesa is also a great option for a night out on the town and a modern take on Mexican cuisine.

I am a big fan of Mediterranean food! Olives, babaganoush, hummus, tabbouleh – you name it! If you are looking for a quick, casual lunch or some hummus and olives for your college food supply, check out the Forks Mediterranean Deli on Sullivan Trail. For dinner, try Daddy’s Place on Northampton Street!

Five female first-year Lafayette College students sit around a table at the Quadrant cafe and bookstore in downtown Easton, Pennsylvania.

Freshman Year – breakfast at The Quadrant

Easton is filled with wonderful dining options beyond the hill and the main circle. Use Yelp, listen to people’s recommendations, recruit friends with cars, and get out on the town! Explore Easton. Do experience the food culture on College Hill, but also get to know the community that surrounds you and find even more satisfying meals. Make the necessary stops at places like the Quadrant for a fabulous brunch in a quaint and cozy bookstore, but also try spots that are off the beaten path and you will be presently surprised!

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