February 20, 2015

Culture d’Enfance (Internship) and Toubab Dialaw

Asalam Alekuem everyone!

Blogger and Lafayette College student Rebeka Ramangamihanta teaches English to a small group of children in Senegal, all seated on a mat.

Teaching English

I started my internship two weeks ago and it has been a blessing to work for a non-profit organization called Culture d’Enfance. It was started by a few great women and men who felt the need for the children of Senegal to have access to hobbies and cultural experiences. The main purpose of the organization is to provide entertainment, leisure time and art for the children of Senegal, especially for those in difficult circumstances.


Culture d’Enfance does not have much (material resources) but it has great and willing people. It works with the meager fees of its members. It is hosted by the Cultural Center Blaise Senghor in Dakar. It is working on partnerships to fund their multiple events and projects.

They have been working with my program for about three semesters now. CIEE students usually teach English every Wednesday and help with activities and partner with Culture d’Enfance for various events. They have screened girls’ empowerment movies. They have put in place public health promotion weeks, micro-gardening, games and so many more activities.

A different angle of blogger and Lafayette College student Rebeka Ramangamihanta teaching English to a small group of children in Senegal, all seated on a mat.

Teaching English

For this semester, we are working on implementing a micro-gardening project in a center which takes care of kids who run away from their homes. (They run away because of maltreatment, violence and other social problems they might have there.) We are also working on creating a library at a cultural center in Grand Dakar. I am going to be creating a crowd-funding project so please keep your eyes and heart open for that. I have started to teach English to these very enthusiastic kids.

I have always wanted to work for Madagascar’s development but studying abroad here in Dakar made me realize that the needs are everywhere. I can be an instrument of change anywhere I go. I should not be selfish and only work for Madagascar’s development because I am a global citizen; I should be working toward the well-being of those around me as much as I can.  Culture d’Enfance is doing the best they can for every event that they have despite all the obstacles. I am just bringing the little I have.

Bonus: Studying abroad in Senegal is not only about an internship and classes but also discovering bits of heaven that they have here. We went to Toubab Dialo for the weekend at this beautiful hotel. All I can say is that I was in paradise for two days. It was all about beautiful and welcoming people, dances, music, art, sculpture, amazing food, cool rooms and wonderful designs. I had the chance to meet the owner as well to talk about how he came to Senegal, his inspirations and so forth. He was a great man with wonderful stories.

Dwellings of Toubab Dialaw

Toubab Dialaw , Village des etrangers

Rebeka stands outside dwellings of Toubab Dialaw in Senegal, Africa

Rebeka fits in the landscape

The beach at Toubab Dialaw in Senegal, Africa

Toubab Dialaw

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  1. Dieuredieuf Rebeka
    Culture d’enfance s’est engagée dans l’amérioration des conditions de vie des enfants au Sénégal.
    et particulièrement les enfants en situation difficile .
    Tous les enfants sont égaux ,ils ont les mêmes droits,cependant les inégalités sociales font qu’ils ne jouissent pas tous de leurs droits.
    A travers ses activités l’Association contribuent à la sensibilisation pour le respect de leurs droits et également pour leur épanouissement à travers des activités de création,de sensibilisation,de formation et renforment des capacités,d’éducation,d’éveil,et d’épanouissement.

    says Viviane Faye Mbengue
    June 3, 2015 at 10:51 am

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