February 25, 2015

Just Wanna Dance the Night Away: Moroccan Nights

All work and no play makes Rob a dull boy. After a productive, but long, week of classes, meetings, and applications, I have to unwind a little. Usually I’ll just hang out with my friends on campus, but two Fridays ago (February 13th), I decided to class it up a bit and go to the Moroccan Nights Formal with some of my McKelvy Housemates.

A poster for the Moroccan Nights formal

It got my attention!

After a relatively short bus ride, with one interesting wrong turn, we arrived at our destination. I had been to the Green Pond Country Club once before, so I knew going in how nice the venue would be, but it was still a sight to behold! Spacious dance floor, delectable hors d’oeuvres, and a promising DJ; it had all the necessary elements of a great night, and I was not disappointed.

To begin with, the main course was excellent. Being a fan of seafood in general, I could never truly be displeased with salmon, but the dinner was especially good. That, combined with the ice cream sundae dessert, made for a splendid meal. The fun didn’t stop there, fortunately.

Around the end of dessert, DJ EvDaddy took control of the proceedings. Beginning with some Billboard Top 100 hits before progressing to, what I will assume was, Moroccan House (in keeping with the night’s theme), he kept us on our toes. To my delight, he even played a little Sir Mix-a-Lot before the night was out. When all was said and done, we all got back on the bus and went back to Lafayette.

That Friday was definitely one of the more entertaining Fridays I’ve had this year at Lafayette. From meeting new people to spending time with more familiar faces, and even showing off my rap skills to my friends (turn up!), it was just a plain-old fun night with fun people. It’s not every day I get to dress up and look sharp in a suit and tie, but doing it that night turned out to be a great decision.

Five McKevly House students pose in their dressy outfits at the Moroccan Nights formal

McKelvy Squad lookin’ sharp!

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