March 28, 2015

Italy – The Land of Mediocre Pizza

A downward shot of several people standing at the center of Spain

The center of Spain

A lot has happened this week.  My parents came to Madrid after our weekend in Barcelona.  I got to show them my school and they got to enjoy the city while I was in class.  On Monday night, my parents and I went out to dinner with my host mother, Marli.

Marli is wonderful and I couldn’t have asked for a better host mother, so I’m glad that my parents got to meet her.  My parents got to practice their Spanish (after about a 30-year hiatus), and Marli got to practice her English.  It was a nice night.  Around 12:45 AM, my parents, Dan (my roommate), and I went to go get hot chocolate and churros – a Madrid specialty.  We went to a pretty famous restaurant that is open 24/7.  The walls were lined with pictures of celebrities eating at that very restaurant.

Performers at a flamenco show at a restaurant in SpainTuesday was my Dad’s birthday.  We ate dinner at a casual restaurant in Sol (the center of Madrid) and then we went to see a flamenco show to celebrate.  Flamenco is one of those super Spanish traditions that you must experience if you visit Spain.  This was my second time to a flamenco show.  Even though it was the same venue, the dancers and the musicians were all different. I think my parents really enjoyed it.


A nighttime view of the Colosseum in RomeLast week was the week before spring break, so our professors seemed to pile the work on.  It was a pretty stressful week, but it’s over now.  As I type, I’m sitting in my apartment in Rome (we can see the Colosseum out of our window!), The blogger and a friend hold an item in a storeand my parents are flying back over the Atlantic Ocean.  I’m spending the first half of spring break here in Rome and the second half in Florence.

This is actually my second time in Italy because my chorus in high school went on tour here.  It’s a little weird to recognize things after four years.

Just a The blogger and three friends outside in Romeheads up to anyone planning to travel to Italy, the pizza is much better in the United States.  Don’t get your hopes up.

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